Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ty's First Letter from the Field- May 24, 2010

Hola family! K so my p days are on mondays now. And i am actually in a town called wenatchee now and not in spokane. It is about 4 hours west of Spokane. However i did spend one day there and that was really fun. so i will start from there. It is crazy to think that i am doing the real deal now but it is awesome. But anyways the first thing that happened was that we landed in spokane proobably around 9 or so and walked outside the airport and met our Mission President and his wife. And he is so awesome! He has the coolest accent (New Zealand) and his wife is so nice. So we talk to him for a while and we get a ride from the AP's to downtown Spokane. And Elder Cluff is not an AP but i did see an Elder Cluff so maybe he is a ZL. Anyhow they paired us off with some Elders that lived in Spokane already so we could go do some tracting. and so i went with and Elder named Elder Davila or something and we both were spanish Elders but we went to do english contacting for the first day. So i went with him and he was way cool and we decided to do some street contacting down town. And holy cow i have never met so many strange people in my life. So there was this one lady that was scitzophrenic ( NO SE how to spell it) or she kept on telling us she was, and she was way crazy but we gave her a book of mormon anyways haha. And then she stood up from off the bench she was sitting on and grabbed my hand kissed it and walked off and i was stunned and i am pretty sure that it is not allowed but oh well. Another person we walked into claimed to have seen Jesus while flying thru a cloud in 1957. He said he saw him in his robe sandals and all and that he got a picture of Him. And then i asked him if i could see the picture and he told me that he had not got it developed it yet. Too bad. And the last person i remember from spokane was an african american Jehova Witness, except he couldn't tell us he was one because you can't say you are one until you get baptized and you have to wait a whole year or something. But anyways he asked us if we knew God's name. And so we started telling him all the names there was for God and also for Christ. And he is like NO! God's name is Jehova! all the other names come from the devil. And then he told us how Christ had died at the stake and not on a cross and stuff. And I was like, what bible are you even reading from, but i didn't say that. But he did say something that i had never heard of before, that I was like out of all things you just told me the most pointless and craziest one of all actually makes a little sense. Cause we tried to give him a pass along card with a picture of Christ on it, and he told us that it wasn't Christ because Christ did not have long hair. And he told us how the bible says it is a sin for men to have long hair and it is only for women so Christ could not have had long hair. And i actually knew that scripture and that it was in it 1st corinthians and how it also says that women also should veil their faces and not speak and i was going to ask him if he believed that as well, but i stopped myself cause contention is of the devil and it wouldn't of gone anywhere. But it was still a pretty clever thought he had, so i was somewhat impressed. And so after about an hour and half of that we went to go get luch with everybody, and i don't remember exactly what happened from that time till dinner time, but we had a dinner and FHE at the President's house that night and that food was so good! And Elder Schvaneveldt and i went to stay at a members house that night and we would meet our official trainers the next day. So aroud like 11 that day we met our trainers and the President took some pictures of us, so i think he should be sending those to yall. His name is Elder Jacobson and he is way cool. He actually heads home in about five weeks here. And he always says the word bomb and apostacy, but it is pretty funny. And everyone in our district likes basketball and our good, that is a no bueno haha just kidding it will be fun. But ok so already this week i have had some awesome spiritual experiences. This one day while we are driving to an investigators house( this area we drive and the english missionaries ride bikes, but i did go on an exchange once so far and rode) and we saw an old man walking up the road and leaning against a guard rail thing and barely moving with his cane in his other hand. I am talking about a foot every thirty seconds or so. And so as we are walking to our appointments house i stop and tell my compainion that we should go help him. And he is like how in the world our we suppose to help him? are we going to walk for him or carry him all the way home? and was i like i dunno but lets go help him, and he was like ok whatever. So i walk up to him, and he starts swearing up a storm and said i couldn't help unless we could get him a ride to his house. And i was k i will get you a ride in just a second. And so i stuck my thumb out not even doubting and the fist car comes by, and thats right pulls over, and i ask him if he could give this man a ride home and he said ya. So afterwards my companion tells me the real miracle. That this man is just a mormon hater and that everytime a missionary walks by he is like hey it is the f word mormons and just rags and cusses them out. And then he told me how the man who had stopped was a member of our church. And how there is like 20 hispanics in our branch in a town of thirty thousand people. What are the odds! Ya miracle! alright that is all i have time for but i will write some more experience next time.