Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dec. 12, 2011

First off before I forget. I need to know both Pres. Lyman's ( I don't remember his first name) and Bishop Ott's address. But this week has been way good. And hopefully at the end of this week, June, Mandy, and Lydia will be baptized! All of them have had there crazy moments this week. June, who has been so golden, was hit really hard when her boyfriend Bro. Barnes, broke up with her. He was the somewhat less-active that was bringing her to church and everything. But that night she was considering just going back to everything she used to do, in order to forget everything that happend when she was dating him. But the second she had that thought, she said that God rebuked her, by saying that we (the church) were her family, it was there she had found comfort, and that it was now part of her. And then she pointed to the book of Mormon, and said, that now she knew that was true, that it wasn't even an option to leave it behind. So that was super cool, and she is doin so awesome. With Mandy, who's been doing awesome with drugs and everything, but she did something equally as stupid last week that could have landed her a spot in jail. Not to mention that her main-fellowshipper, and really good friend in the ward was indirectly affected by it. And then when we rebuked her and said that it doesn't matter what the circumstances may be, and how bad your "friends" may need you; that you cannot break the law. And she was pretty irate, and got really down on herself to the point where she didn't feel like she could go to church or be baptized anymore. It was kinda pathetic actually; it reminded me of a tantrum that a kid might throw with his parents; but I know I've complained, and justified, and have done all that stuff as well, so I won't critizise. But either way she came to realize that the consequences will come from all angles, when we choose to make wrong decisions. But she says that she is ready to make that commitment and covenant with God; and so she should be getting baptized as well. Then Lydia... well we haven't seen Lydia, for nearly 2 weeks, although she has been coming to church the past couple weeks; and at sacrament meeting they announced that Mandy and June were going to be baptized, and she was kind of mad that they did not announce her name as well. So we were like, well we have to actually teach you to be baptized. So we will be teaching her alot this week, and then having a baptismal interview with her on thursday. But man she really does have a desire to be baptized; it's just that she lives with... well her jusband is an extremely less-active tatoo artist, her son lives with his girlfriend, and all of them smoke marijuana, with the exception of her. But I guess just because someone lives with people like that, doesn't mean that they can't choose righteousness. So we will see if she is ready to be baptized this week, and if she is, then awesome, and if she needs more time, then she needs more time. But we have taught so many awesome people this transfer, and we are fixing to be in the stage of needing to find some more strong people, and so I am excited for that. But ya I got my trunky papers last week, and I am going to put st. george airport on there, but if you want me to change it to Salt lake o algo, let me now, with Bishop's and President's address. I love yall so much, and have an awesome week.

Dec. 5, 2011

Thanks a ton for the package! Hey can yall pray for my companion's mom. (Elder Lubina) She's not very supprotive of him, and he received a really hard letter from her today. But as for the week; it was so awesome. All three of our investigators with baptismal dates came this Sunday to church and it was sweet. Sis. Robbins bore her testimony and told everyone how she knew the chuch was true and shared a missionary experience that she had with her granddaughter that happened while we were teaching her. I think her grand daughter is 16 and is dating a mormon young man. Well she called sis robbins in the middle of our lesson, and Sis Robbins told her how she was having a study with the mormon missionaries, and then told her how she was being baptized on the 17th of Dec. And she just began to tear up as she invited her to come and see it. And her grand daughter said that she definately would and said how she sees herself taking that same step in the near future. And she has just been telling everyone about her baptism and it has been amazing to see. It's just so cool to teach someone that has received a true witness that Joseph Smith is a prophet and then connect all the dots that follow; the word of wisdom, the true church, the priesthood and the ordinances that must be performed. We had showed her a picture in the church of John the Baptist baptizing Christ and, explained that Jesus went to him becasue he knew that he had been called of God and had been given the authority to baptize. To which she responded..."And that's why I need to be baptized again; because my other baptisms were done by false churches withouth the correct authority."  She is so awesome and just is doing so well. Mandy is also doing really well. She has realy been putting baptism as her priority. She called all her friends and told them that she was quitting the pills. And she finally came to all three hours of church for the very first time. She's come to church I think 4 times now, but only the first two hours. We watched the movie the church made about "The touch of the master's hand" and it was so awesome and I think it helped her understand how much she was worth to God, compared to her friends. I liked the video because it was interesting to note that the person who owned the violin, in the beggining cherished it but with time neglected it. It became more battered and scarred with every person that owned it. The people that bought it would try to fix it up, but with no eventually was neglected once again. In the end it was priced to the world at three dollars. Then from the room far back, a gray haired man, came forward and picked up the bow. As the master came, fixed the violin and showed the foolish crowd the people began to see the worth of the violin not in the eyes of the world, but in the eyes of its creator...ifinite. Many people go to the world to fix the problems; it seems to solve the problem...but with time they too are forgotten and set aside as naught. It doesn't matter how many times we go to the world with our problems, they will never be fixed, and our worth is dimished. But if we go to the master, and partake of his atoning sacrifice, his touch will heal our many wounds, and we see our infinite worth as well as the worth of others. So she is doing well, and should be having her interview this week for baptism. We also took a drunk guy on a church tour, which was kind of frustrating seeing how we told him to not drink befroe he came, and he did anyways. I guess I should have tried to see his infinite worth a little bit more. But sometimes people that aren't in the right mind set are a little harder to reach. Needless to say it wasn't the best church tour. But hey he loved the picture of John baptizing Jesus as well; and just kept on talking about how beautiful it was for a good 20 min. Hopefully if he ever is sober he will remember that and will come back to it. But I love yall so much and thank you for everything yall do for me. Congratulations on getting everything moved Grandma and Grandpa! have an awesome week

Monday, December 5, 2011

Nov. 28, 2011

Thanks for all the emails. Alena you are about 0 for two in the last two weeks. But I heard that you got called to be laurel's president. Which is crazy, because I was thinking this morning, about being the president of the different quoroms that I've been in and how I didn't ever really understand the position and the responsibility that I had. I could've easily helped Jake Huston and Steve Ott and all the others; but I didn't understand why that was important. But sis I know you can reach people in that group of laurels that noone else can reach. You've been called by revelation, and like dad always says; even if you're on the right track you will get ran over if you just sit there. Don't just "sit there" and let it be a title; rather let it be a chance to see your potential, to serve and to be an example in both words and deeds. I love you sis and do work in your calling. Alisa and Angela I would love an email from yall as well. But I was thinking, and hopefully this wasn't a trunky thought, but I do really want to hit the ground running when I get back. I don't know if there is any way that I could fill out an application for UVU o algo? But man what a week! so many miracles and I still am just being humbled and amazed by the hand of God and the blessings he has been pouring out on us. I don't even know why. But I am beyond grateful for them and to be a part of it. So last Sunday, I think I may have told you about Sis. Robbins a Non-mem. who came to church w/ her Boyfriend ( My main black-man Bro. Barnes). Well at the end of church she said she would like to meet with us. We had an awesome first lesson with her in which she had asked Bro. Barnes not to come becasue she wanted to do this for herself. Well the lesson was awesome, and she agreed to read and pray. The next lesson, we finished the restoration with her and invited to her to be baptized in three weeks on the 17th of Dec. She said it was way too soon and she needed more time. We asked her what she needed to know in order to be baptized; that it is true and that this is where God needs me. Will you pray tonighight to knoww if you should be baptized on the 17th? I will. We will call you at 11:00 tomorrow to see how your prayer went. We called her. She told us that she had recieved an answer and that she was going to be baptized on the 17th! At 8:00 that night we got another call from her and she had told us how she was reading the BOM and came to a picture of Joseph Smith. She stared at it for a couple seconds, and the spirit overwhelmed her, she then noted, " I know he is a prophet of God" She came to church and apparently told the sisters in the relief society she was going to be baptized. So ya definite miracle. And then also last night we got a call from Bro. Barnes. He and Sis. Robbins had been talking to a guy, who lives in the same complex, about why bad things happen to good people, They bore there testimonies to him and then called us on the phone put it on speaker and had us explain the importance of agency. We have a lesson with that guy tonight! so I love it. And there's just so many more things that are happening that are just miracles, and now I just got to write them all down in my journal so that I can remember them forever. I love yall and thank yall for the e-mails and everything yall do for me. Have a good week

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nov. 26, 2011

We just got a hand written letter in the mail from Ty today.  Here is what he has to say:

So my new companions are Elder Lubina and Elder Simon.  I am the only white guy in the threesome.  Elder Lubina is half Filipino and Elder Simon is from Kiribati near the Fiji islands and doesn't speak any English.  I've learned a lot from them.  I've gained a testimony of how God knows not only where you need to go, but also who you need to be with.  From Elder Jacobsen I really learned that it's not about us, it's about God and if we're having trials and being obedient then that means that God is preparing miracles for us.  From Elder Acosta I learned that tracting 5 hours a day might not be the most effective thing.  haha.  But in all seriousness, that was in the summer and he was a big guy and so I learned that by sacrifice comes blessings.  From Elder Oliver I learned that making an impression and looking your part are actually really important.  From Elder Pound I learned tha being an example is good; being an example with words is better, but being an example, speaking up and showing love is the best.  From Elder Gillespie I learned that a companionship doesn't work when you think you own 50% of the must own a 100% or you both fail.  From Elder Schitties I learned to really love my investigators.  From Elder Jorgensen I learned how to be diligent and the importance of setting goals and then working as hard as you can to accomplish them, then sitting back and seeing the hand of God do the rest.  From Elder Crandall I learned that testimony is important, but testimony combined with scriptures is powerful.  From Elder Saloman I learned the importance of stepping into ones shoes and there is never a reason to be angry.  From Elder Kurtz I learned how to have a greater desire to answer ones concerns and how to discern a concern from an argument.  From Elder Jones I learned that first impressions are crucial, that being organized is Godliness, and the importance of expressing gratitude.  From Elder Lubina I've learned that teaching an investigator is a lot more effective when you know an investigator.  From Elder Simon I've learned that God blesses those that are humble and have a grand desire.  I am so grateful for all the comps that I've had and the things they've taught me.  There is no other place that I could have learned these lessons than in the mission field.  But, Mom, I am so immensely grateful for you.  From pictures, to cards, to counsel, you've changed my mission.  You helped me understand that it wasn't my companions I had problems with; it was me.  You helped me realize that obedience to the gospel is not what brings happiness, but that through becoming like Christ though his gospel is truly what brings joy.  For without Christ the gospel is a set of rules, but with Him it's a manner of life that prepares us for the life which is Eternal.  You taught me that being grateful without expressing gratitude is in vain; for much like a testimony; without action it cannot grow.  Like Dad says... if you're not progressing than you digressing.  I love you so much Mom and thank you for everything you do!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 
Elder Ty Nelson

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nov. 14, 2011

Thanks for all ths scriptures mom. And that is way too crazy that the grandparents are changing houses and everything! But ya this was transfer week and I am moving. Kind of a sad thought seeing how we have just seen too many miracles to count these past couple weeks, but I'll just have to go and see miracles in Spokane. I am actually going english ZL and trainer so it will be a threesome which is super legit. My companion zone leader is Eler Lubina and we will pick up the new missionary tomorrow. But I really hope I don't lose my spanish, because with the new missionary program they have I won't even be able to have a language study. But I will just read all in spanish during my personal so it will be good. But holy miracles this week. There is nothing like teaching families and having them come to church. The Barrera family all came to church which was so awesome, because she just has so much potential (she's the one we helped pray for the first time out loud); the husband is a LA that still has a way strong testimony that this is the true church; but went inactive because of a couple reasons. And also this week; I don't know if I ever mentioned the family that we found right on the border of our mission; the Lopez's. But we were teaching them last thursday, and we had a really good lesson with them and then we invited them to be baptized and the husband just said flat out No. But they're an awesome family and accepted a church tour with us on Saturday. So they drive over 14 miles to get to our church and then we take them through and explain our beliefs and a typical sunday and at the end we taught them the lesson of the restoration. It was super sweet, and the whole time I know we need to invite them to be baptized again, and I felt pretty nervous cause we had invited them 2 nights before and they said no. But we come to the end of the lesson, and I bore my testimony on the fruits of the spirit, and invite him to pray right then and there and ask God if him and his family should be baptized on the 17th of December. He said he didn't know how, so I gave him an example and prayed that they would receive an answer from the holy ghost. He said ok, I'll do it. His family knelt down, and he began to pray for him and his family to know the will of God. The spirit of God filled the room. I said hermano Lopez, "como se siente?" y el me dijo," me siento bien, y estoy lleno de paz" and then he looked at his wife who was just smiling. Then I asked Hna Lopez, "how do you feel?" She said "I feel good too." I replied that I did as well, and invited them to be baptized. He said that is what they would work and pray for. !Que tan chido es la obra misional! The spirit was so strong. They will be coming to church this next Sunday as well as the familia Barrera again, and also another family that we are working with, who got invited to come by our bishop, who just thanked us today for paving the way. I guess the person that works his front desk, Lily told him that we are teaching them. So there was just so many miracles, and I guess that God wanted me to see those here and go start some more on the english side. Also a cool thought... I have a son in Mexico, a son on the spanish side of the mission, and now on the english side. I thought that was pretty cool. But I love yall so much and thank yall for everything; I know these miracles would have never happened w/o your prayers. have a good week

Monday, November 7, 2011

Nov. 7, 2011

Man I love missionary work. Things are going so good and God continues blessing us so much. We had another family come to church this week; different family from last week, but bothe families are so awesome. But ya I have never taught this many complete families in all my mission and it is just such a blessing. It's somewhat difficult to help them accept a baptismal date, but the support is already there, and there is nothing like having a whole family come to church. We also just cast out some ghosts/spirits from a lady's house and she was pretty thankful for that and we are foing to start teaching her and so that was kinda cool. And then we were definitely guided to a family that lives on the border of our mission and the Kennewick mission. Like the other side of the street is the Kennewick mission, its the closest I have gotten to leaving the mission. But it was awesome. It was like 830 at night and here that means is is pitch black, but I ain't scared of knocking till 859; cause the elect will here our voice. And they heard it. We saw el Hermano Lopez afuera and so we contacted him and he invited us in; and gathered his whole family together even though they were going to bed and they all listened to us. And then we had an awesome lesson with them again a couple days later, about the restoration, and it was just so powerful and they are going to be baptized and it is going to be awesome. We should be having a church tour with them here this week and it will be awesome. And then the familia barrera, holy cow it was so awesome. There are very few experiences that are cooler, than being in a room to hear someone pray for the first time. She started praying, and there was a pretty long pause and you could just tell that she was feeling the spirit so strong. And when she got done, she was smiling from ear to ear. Oh i am so thankful for the ability the opportunity i have to be a part of this. I love yall so much and am so thankful for everything yall do. Have a good week

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oct. 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!! I am thinking that I might dress up as Elder Jones today for my costume, but that might just be too scary. But this week was pretty fun. I got your awesome package mama! Thank you so much for that. And So I got all those awesome blank halloween cards and my companion and I were just like well what are we going to do with these. And so we decided to make a bunch of cookies and write thank you notes to all those members that have really helped us this transfer. And it was really cool. And this week was also good because we had a family come to church, that were former investigators that have not come in over a year. But they left somewhat early because I think they were a little embarrassed of their kids acting up. And so that wasn't too cool, but what can you do? But God has been blessing us so much, through the members our ward. they have been so fired up about giving us referrals, and it is just so awesome hopefully they will turn into new investigators here shortly. But you know I am really thinking that I should be more thankful and just really have a more deep sense of gratitude. I have tried to make it a goal recently to just be one of those joyful missionaries that are always smiling and just always having a good attitude about everything. And it really does make a huge difference; and I think that really just being grateful will help me that much more. So thank you soo much family for the e mails every week, amd mom for the longer emails every week, and all the packages that really make my day, and grandma and grandpa for always writing me every week, and for the bachelor family who are always kind enough to send me letters in the mail, as well as the Tennys. And just everybody else! I love yall so much and thank yall for everything.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Oct. 24, 2011

So this week was really good. We have been going through quite a few trials such as not finding anybody to teach and not teaching many people; and I feel like the less I teach the less I have the spirit in the lessons I teach. Like they become just a routine thing. And so we get through pretty much the whole week, and I realize that my faith had been decreasing as well as my sensitivity to the spirit. So we just stopped and we just talked it out, and decided we needed to pray. And the Spirit just hit me, and I knew that God was with me, and I just needed to put my faith in him. So after the prayer, a name popped in my head of a former investigator; and I pushed it off because I knew that his days off were Monday and Tuesday. And as we were tracting I remembered a talk I had read, that talked about if we are doing what is right the spirit will speak and will tell us something and we need to act on those impressions. And i knew that it was an impression. So i acted. Turns out that it was his first saturday off in 12 weeks. We taught him and he is on date to be baptized. After that we just started seeing miracles again and it was awesome. I love this gospel! I know that the Spirit will guide us, as we act in faith. I have seen it a thousand times over. If we are living the gospel then 9 out of 10 impressions will be from the Holy Ghost. I love yall so much and thank yall for your prayers. Also, I figure I might not fix my bike now because it is already way cold and will be cold till I leave. You got to love washington!

Oct. 17, 2011

This week was awesome! Johnny was baptized and confirmed and the work is looking good. There was just so many miracles that happened with him as he got ready to be baptized these last couple of weeks. His parents and the rest of his family were not supportive and so it definitely wasn't an easy decision for him. But one of his sisters who is way awesome and pretty supportive agreed to come to the baptism and the spirit was just so strong in the service. And she was crying and he was crying and the members were crying and she is now listening to the sister missionaries, which is way awesome. But the Lord had been really blessing us. We have recieved a couple referrals from both the bishop in the ingles ward and the spanish ward, and we contacted the one from ingles and he is way awesome, and will be baptized. And then we have a home court at the bishop's house tonight and so that is awesome. But ya. I thank yall for your prayers. And if yall were wondering if you trap a spider with a fly in a cup, nothing happens. We were positive the spider was going to eat it but it didn't happen.

Oct. 10, 2011

So this week was really good. My new companion is Elder Jones, and well he came in and pretty much went clean madness and organize madness on our area. Which is a way good thing, but man I was stressed out for a while, because he was like why is this like this and why is that like that? But man I am excited because I am going to learn a lot from him. I am really going to try to adapt these traits, Because heaven knows Elder Nelson needs organization, and well now God has put a way for me to learn it. But we really did have so many miracles this week. One just happened about a couple of hours ago. Well we were cleaning out our car, apparently that was a disaster as well haha, and it got looking good, and we were fixing to hop on in to go shopping and well...the car does not start. Awesome, so we were like what are we going to do? We are a good 8 miles out of town and everyone is working right now. So we call the members who we live with, who are out on some mountain hiking, but they called us and said we could use their car to jump start our car. But we are not allowed to drive anyone's car and so we have to put it in neutral and push. So finally, everything is set up and our car is connected to this giant deisel truck, and it's been running for a good five to ten minutes...and nothing. So we start running the gas pedal in the truck and we started to turn our car again... and can you guess what happened then...nothing. So I am starving and I go make us some sandwhiches, and Elder Jones is like we should pray. And so we prayed and I was like Heavenly Father I don't know if it is the gas or a fuse or what, but whatever it is you can make it work. And so we both just knew it was going to work this time. So we went out and we turned the key and boom it started. Miracles! But also another cool miracle was with Johnny who needed to come to church this Sunday or he would not be able to get baptized. But it's his sister's birthday party down in Spokane and his whole family is going, and it's like in a casino with beer all over the place, to watch a comedian! Oh ya this is happening Saturday. Not good. Wait he is planning to ride with his family down there. Not good. Because they're not coming back till Sunday night. So he tries to sell his ticket and can't so he leaves, but tells us that he has been lent some money and is going to drive, so everything's good. Sunday rolls around and the church starts at ten. Call him at 9:30 NO Answer.  He is not there at 10. 10:05... Worried out of our minds. 10:07 We are losing hope and decide to drive to his house and see if he's possibly there. And then we see Bro. Mccann and he had also driven there to pick him up and Johnny came out and we were like YES! He got there as they were passing the Sacrament and will be getting baptized this week! I love it. We also had a miracle with him this week, because last week he just kept falling back into coffee, and so this Monday he fasted. Tuesday morning comes and he really wants coffee, but decides to eat breakfast. He then said that after he finished the temptation left and hasn't had the urge since! Fasting + Faith = Miracles. I love yall! Thank yor for your prayers. Have a good week.

Sept. 26, 2011

Man that is crazy about michael! I'll definitely pray for him. I haven't been too hot this week either, but nothing like that. I think I have strep throat and so I have not been able to eat sleep or swallow anything for about the past week. But I am getting some antibiotics today and it should all turn out good. But I learned some really important stuff this week in this week of self-pity. Although  I served every day and refused to take a day off. My service was not that of All my heart might mind and strength. During this week we had the blessed opportunity of listening to Elder Robbins a member of the 70, and he was just so powerful. He just talked about how in order to have a 100% agency we must take a 100% of the responsibility.  And then we talked about different ways that people try to avoid taking responsibility, and how all of those are faith killing things. Whether it is blaming others, justifying, making excuses, lying, running away, seeking pity...etc. He explained to us that rule #1 is that the customer is always right and rule #2 If you think you are in the right re read rule #2. And how it doesn't matter if we are in the right, because the customer is always right. We should never ever use these feelings for they take away our agency and weaken our faith. So a couple days later I realized just how bad I was resulting in these feelings and that my faith was truly being weakened and that I had lost my agency, because my feelings had taken control of my situation. So Saturday is rolling around and as We were driving it just hits me, and I am like I am done with this. This isn't my time, and I have the agency to choose how I react. I became happy, and my attitude became positive. The sickness was the same, in fact it started getting worse, but I had a positive attitude. So some baptisms roll around and we have one of our investigators there. It is hot! It is loud with babies and primary kids who are fighting and distracting, and the baptism is in english in which our investigator speaks very little. My companion and I are distracted because we are waiting for the warden Elders to get there with their baptism, and find some seats for ourselves. And then there was an 8 yr old baptism who had met in the chapel to close and they came out and it was just so loud! At the end of the baptism my comp who was pretty ticked off at this point asks our investigator how she feels. In which she says weird and just wants to leave, and just leaves right away. One young man who got baptized too was pretty embarrassed with everything and almost left the baptism. And so it was pretty crazy. But then I notice how the other guy who got baptized was just shining. Grinning from ear to ear despite the many distractions. I noticed the investigator of the other elders who you could just tell was feeling the spirit. Not to mention that he did not understand any english. And I just started thinking well what is the difference? my mind was brought to remembrance of a story in PMG where there was a woman who the missionaries were teaching in the same situation, hot room, flies, running kids and a frantic father...the missionaries were distracted as well, but were both hit with the impression to listen; the woman began to cry and tell how she had done what the missionaries had said. She had read and prayed, and know that the Book of Mormon was true. The Spirit filled the room. I was brought to remembrance of a personal experience I had had not too long ago. As we were doing a church tour and how it just so happened that there was a stake dance at the exact same time. But the spirit became stronger and stronger as we went through the church too a point where none of us heard the people dancing nor the music. And you know it just hit me that God always gives us our agency and the right to feel the Holy Ghost if we so choose. Even when there are variables that you cannot change, such as the distractions in the aforementioned stories. The fact is that the only distractions are those that in our mind, and therefore we are given the responsibility to act and not just be acted upon. I love it!

Sept. 19, 2011

Well this week was really good. I love miracles! I love investigators that pray! I love being a missionary! We also went to the fair this week! Not to mess around though... we mad a booth. Bien chevere ?No? Speaking of yall should definitely make a profile. But ya I am pretty sure I felt like a bum, because everyone that walked passed out booth just looked the other way and walked to the other side. It was kinda funny, but it was a shame because we didn't have all that much success with it. It was a good idea though. But I did have one of the most powerful lessons in all my mission this week as well. We did a church tour with one of our investigators. It's more than just a tour though; it's a pretty inspired program, that allows us to basically have a lesson in the church. They're pretty sweet. And after the tour we invited him to listen to us for another fifteen minutes so that we could explain how that authority to baptized had been restored. And he was like ya I really want to know about that. So we taught him the restoration and the spirit was just so strong! And then we invited him to pray right then and there to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. He knelt down and asked a sincere prayer in which he said; God, send me a sign to know if Joseph Smith truly received the authority to baptize? The spirit filled the room, we asked him how he felt; and he responded by saying, that God had answered him. He told us he needed to sit down. Now just a little background info about him, is that he has came to half of church once (Not Sacrament) as well as a baptism, but when asked to be baptized he always says no because his wife is not interested and he wont get baptized without her. But we invited him to be baptized and he said, I know God just told me that I have to; and I don't know how it's going to work, but I am willing to be baptized. It was so powerful in that room! Another awesome story was with our investigator Johnny who when we went over to teach the plan of salvation too he had read the pamphlet that we left with him. He then tells how he really didn't want to be deceived and so he had prayed with all of his heart before he read it so that God would tell him if it was true or not. He then went on to say, how he knew it was true without a doubt, and then taught us the whole thing, and how he wanted to go to the celestial kingdom. Then the nest day we went over there and we had assigned him to read 2 Nephi 31. He said I read it, and before I did I prayed about it, and God told me that I needed to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, but before I got that, I need to be baptized! How massiso is that! Oh so many miracles, I love it.But this week was really I good. I love yall and I thank yall for your prayers. Alena I did not have that one teacher, an I will definitely read that talk, and I am going to write payden. But have an awesome week!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sept. 12, 2011

So this week was good. I had a woman hold on to my hand for an hour. no lie ni tampoco an exaggeration, for ONE HOUR telling me that what I was doing was wrong and I should go back to my baptist roots. She must of been full of the spirit to know that I had baptist roots. In fact she must of known something that apparently I did not know, because I am  pretty sure that my roots are not baptist. It was pretty awkard, and my hand was pretty sweaty, and I just wanted to sit down, which she invited me to do by the way because she told me she was not going to let go of my hand for a while. I think she was possessed. I am now a little hesitant to shake peoples hands as I leave their houses. We also had the opportunity to go through a catholic church on a church tour. A guy told us that his daughter could not enter into our church unless we entered into his church first. In which we replide, ok well if you give us a church tour of your church you will need to come on a church tour with us. He hesitantly agreed. And when the day arrived we were there waiting for his tour in which he did not show. And of course did not answer his phone. And so we drove by his house and knocked 3 times and rang the door bell twice and as we were writing a note to him he finally came out and said that he was ready to go. He had a book in his hand which is a special catholic book about how to answer questions from other religions, and I noticed the chapter on Mormons was marked, haha its crazy. But he took us through his church and explained what they did. It turns out that he is the assistant father or minister for the church, but it was actually pretty cool. Granted he did not take his daughter with him to do our church tour, but we took him on a tour either way. And it was way good. Had he not been a minister he would have said yes to coming to church on Sunday. We also invited him to be baptized and he said he would think about it. But it was pretty good. But man it is crazy how someone can a witness of the Spirit and still deny it! Agency it is such a beautiful thing. But i received revelation earlier this week, as we were pondering just why people don't read the Book of Mormon. LIke what stops them? And so we just started talking about it. And so this is what we realized... They actually literally have fear of reading the book of Mormon, and so they choose not too...they have too much pride, they think they know enough and refuse to read it, or they are just too lazy, the intentions are their, but the works and action are not. So we have FEAR, PRIDE, LAZINESS. And so then we were like well what are the opposites of those things.. Fear-FAITH, Pride-HUMILITY, Laziness-WORKS. What things does a person need to enter into the kingdom of God? FAITH in Jesus Christ demonstrated by their WORKS, and the HUMILITY to admit that we can't do it on our own. The Book of Mormon is the perfect test to see if we have the desire to enter into the Kingdom of God. Oh i love it. And its perfectly as just for those that were born into the covenant; because it is our humility and faith and works that accept the atonement of Jesus Christ. I LOVE IT. But this week had been good and next week is going to be even better. I thank yall for your prayers. And I love yall, and have an awesome week!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sept. 6, 2011

Man I just love how God works. I remember I was sitting in sacrament meeting on Sunday and I remember hearing the women who gave the opening prayer and how she asked God to bless the missionaries to find those people that are prepared. And it just hit me. That there are millions of people around the world that are praying for me to find their friends, to find their families, to find those children of God who are ready to accept His gospel. For two years I am being blessed with millions of prayers, to find, to teach and to baptize; and there will never be another time in my life where  I will have so many blessings and prayers for me and for those who I come in contact with. Two of those really prepared people that we found last week came to church and one of them is preparing to be baptized at the end of this month. I think I told yall about Johnny last week, but he came to church and although has not accepted a baptismal date he says that is is something that he is honestly considering, and he is just doing so good. He came to church, has been reading from the Book of Mormon and is now 5 days without smoking and is just doing awesome. And then Jose is just a stud. he is 18 and is progressing for baptism and also came to church this week. And we actually ran into his sister this week that works in the school district here who also just seems way prepared. We should be having a church tour with her tonight. But the work here is doing so good, and I know God is blessing us so much. My companion and I have really just been trying to help the other missionaries and our zone at well, and I think that as we do that, that God just helps our own personal area so much! But I love yall so much and I thank yall so much for your prayers. I definitely feel there power. Have an awesome week

Friday, September 2, 2011

August 29, 2011

Man this week was so good! We also got transfer calls and I'll be staying in Othello pero going to a different part to be a ZL. But I am way excited becasue Elder Jergensen my comp from Spokane is going to be the District Leader and correct my weaknesses as a trainer with Elder Salomon. Elder Crandall who I served with before Elder Salomon is coming to Warden to be with Elder Hash. And so pretty much ya...every elder in my district I have served with. Crazy huh? But this week we had another p

**** I am not sure why this letter cut short and did not send when I sent it last week, but I did write and I can't remember what I was going to say last week. But this week in my new area... 1077 hwy 17, Othello WA 99344. it's been really good. We have seen a lot of miracles. One happened just as we were tracting. We knocked into an old hispanic lady who opens the door tells us she is sick, catholic and not interested and then slammed the door. Normal door contact and moving on to the next. But as we are walking to the next house I saw a man building a shed in her back yard. And so I was like Elder Kurtz lets go contact that guy, and he said that guy, and i said ya that guy. So we go and contact him and he was like no thank you, I have talked to missionaries before in the past and basically told us he wasn't interested. But then we start talking to him and he tells how there is just so much stuff going on his life right now, and how he is in a separation and how he has lost his job, and how he can't even contact his wife or kids. And then my comp bares his testimony on the BOM and then I bare my testimony how God sent us here to talk to him, and the spirit was just way strong and he was like ok I will give you a couple minutes tomorrow; come at two. So we went over the lesson plan for him in the morning and then we just had a way awesome lesson with him, and at the end he just started crying and thanking God for sending us too him. It was way awesome. But ya. Then we had a way awesome lesson, with a guy named Jose that should be getting baptized in a couple weeks. But ya its going awesome and the members our really awesome. But I love yall and have a good week

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Aug, 15, 2011

No se preocupen familia. No olvide de mandar mi carta. solo es que fui al templo en Jueves y el lugar donde escribimos cartas era cerrado cuando llegamos. Pero mande una carta de mano, entonces debe llegar hoy dia. But ya so the temple was just so awesome, and that is so awesome about Payden! I love him. And these past weeks have been way good. Ya so this week we most definately ate at the Mongolian Barbecue and it was so good! Be Jealous Nick and Steve. But ya miracle of the week was with an investigator named Gustavo. He is somewhat crazy but ya just way too many drugs in the past or something. But for the last week and half we have been teaching him the atonement of Jesus Christ and why he needs to repent. And there has been little progress... why? Because when an investigator does not act on invitations, there is no progress! It is as simple as that... becasue with every invitation, whether, reading, church, baptism, or whatever it is, it's an invitation to repent and except fully the Atonement of Jesus Christ. And so about 4 days ago he decided to act on our invitaions; and boom! He got it! We learn ten times more through action and application than we do by listening. That was a fact given to me about a week ago. Another cool experience i had, was in a lesson with an extremely nice...basher... not the best word to describe him because we didn't really bash at all. But he told us how we needed to forget the rules and become free in Christ. I think we might have been talking about grace and works. But anyways, I learned a lot from this comment he made as he described to us how we were in chains, and that we needed to be free in Christ. And I remember the Spirit just hitting me a little while later, as I learned what it means to keep the commandments of God. Without an understanding of the purpose of the commandments, or with an understanding of we NEED to keep the commandments or we are not going to be saved... comes a false belief that commandments is equal to restrictions. Well as we know; one of the greatest gifts that God has given us is agency. If God has given us agency, has he also given us restrictions or "chains"? Absolutely not! the word agency and restriction are opposites and therefore commandments are NOT restrictions. If you love me, keep my commandments. We have been given the gift of agency for the purpose of testing our love for the Savior and for our Heavenly Father. Are the commandments chains? Is love a chain? Is love a restriction? Very simply put the truth shall set you free. Jesus said I am the truth. So in order to have the truth we must follow Jesus Christ. What is a follower of Jesus Christ? - a disciple. By this shall men know, that ye are my disciples, if ye shall love one another. By love we follow Jesus Christ and his commandments. By following Him, we in turn keep his commandments and walk in truth. And by the truth we are set free. Are commandments chains? No, but indeed are what sets us free; free in Christ. One more cool story that happened about a week and a half ago is when we were walking in the back alley to go try a potential, I saw a lady fixing to walk into her house, and I felt like we should contact her. So we ran up to her and started talking to her. and she just kept on saying how wierd this was that we showed up at this exact moment; and so of course we asked why that was. And she went on to tell us how she had moved here about 3 months ago and how she decided the day before she was going to change her life. She had told God that she was going to do everything she could to find His true church. And so as it turned out that she had just gotten back at that precise moment from buying 20 different books on Christianity from different denominations. And had just brought them inside and was just coming out at that second to shut her trunk. We then went on to teach her about the Book of Mormon and how God has restored His true church on the earth again. She agreed with everything  that we said, accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon, and asked us if we could come back in 2 weeks. We said yes. And well the lesson with her should be today, so hopefully we can complete this miracle that God has given us.Awesome! Well i Love yall so much and have a good week

Monday, August 1, 2011

Aug. 1, 2011

This week was good, but for my email I just want to bear my testimony cause I know that the most important missionary work is in the walls of our own home. I want to bear my testimony that I know this church is true, that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us personally so much. I know that he sent his son Jesus Christ to die for every single one of us. From every pore he bled, because he wants us to return to our Father in Heaven. What can we ever do to thank him? Well let me give you some suggestions...Do the little things...and watch as miracles happen in your lives. I have a testimony that God knows our weaknesses, and through little tests they can become our strengths. I know that satan works by the same method. By small and simple means, he grabs us and before we know the hole is too deep. I have a testimony that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and as such will change our lives as we commit to read it every night. By the means of a 14 year old boy God entrusted his kingdom here on this earth. I know that Joseph Smith is and was a prophet of God. I know that I can live with my mom and dad and sisters forever as a family as I do my part to live my covenants. This is the true church of Jesus Christ, and I am a representative of Him bringing this message to all those who will listen to my words. May I be held accountable before the judgement seat of God, that these things are true, and I say them even in the sacred name of Jesus Christ Amen.

July 25, 2011

This week was so good. And ya I most definitely wrote a letter to elder montagoose but I just haven't sent it. And so if I send it now he probably won't get it... so I will send it to you and maybe he will get it when he gets back. But we are just teaching so many awesome humble people right now. A lot of them are scared of going to church, and so we set up just like a church tour with seven of them so that they could see what the church looked like and we could show them where everything was at and just try to make them feel comfortable and let them feel the spirit that is in the church. Well only Steve and Selene came, but it was awesome, because they ended up coming to church the next day as well, and feeling the spirit. I think that one thing that I learned from that church tour is just the importance of silence and the role of the spirit. A lot of the times we ruin the spirit by talking, even if what we are talking about is something good and true. There are places and times where the spirit of God talks to our spirit and in these moments, we should be silent and listen, rather than talk. Often we lose many promptings of the spirit because we do or say the first thing that pops in our mind, without asking God in our minds, is there something more that I should learn here or something else i should do. But when we learn that God speaks to us little by little and precept by precept, then we can sit back and learn to understand the still small voice of the Holy Ghost. For me it has just made such the difference with investigators that really don't understand the purpose of a principle, or action such as prayer and going to church. Bear testimony, invite, wait, ignore their first answer haha and wait for the spirit to work on them... and always their answers will either change; or you will discover a real concern that they have. Its so amazing how the spirit works and how really you cannot teach without it. But ya its been an awesome week. Love yall have a good week

July 18, 2011

This week was good. It started off pretty slow but picked up at the end. I was actually studying the topic of adversity because we haven't had anybody going to church for the past couple weeks, and so I was trying to figure out why we weren't being blessed with that... and I learned a couple new things. Because adversity comes no matter what, sometimes it comes through our own mistakes and weaknesses and other times it comes because that is a part of life. But adversity basically exercises two attributes of Christ, faith and patience. Throughout my life I have always considered myself as one having faith, and in a way having patience. But I think it is the patience part that I have never understood. In fact i still don't understand it all that well. But what I think patience is... Is to have the faith to wait for problems and trials to be overcome, while never being content, with where you're at spiritually. And the reason while I say that is because I think God wants us to be disappointed when things aren't going right, but he wants us to be patient, as far as we wake up every morning with the faith that we are going to see results that day, and even when we don't have those results; we wake up with the same enthusiasm the next day as the day before by knowing that this is the day we are going to see results. And so then patience is really just long lasting faith that this is the day that we are going to see the results. Which is awesome, because if someone can learn this, then they could serve 2 years without having a single baptism, and come back with more faith than someone that had a baptism every week on their mission. I love it; because if we are truly living the gospel of Jesus Christ everyday and improving ourselves, no matter what happens in our life, we can be happy, and never decrease in our faith; which is exactly why faith is like a little seed that is grown by patience and diligence. One really cool experience that we had this week was when we were teaching with one of the members in our ward, investigators name Homero y Fernando. Like every lesson we have with them is just a bomb lesson, filled with the spirit. But they both accepted an invitation to come to church, not this week, but next week. And then the member just bore a powerful testimony of how satan was going to do everything he could after we left to put obstacles in their way of not going to church next sunday. And how they knew everything we said was true and how they wanted to go to church now, but that their desire will be tested so much in this next week. And it was awesome, because it was exactly what they needed to hear. I was thinking the exact same thing he said before he said it and was just praying that the spirit would direct him to say that. and boom he did. But man I just love bearing testimony. I was so good at it, in the beginning of my mission cause it seemed that it was all that I could say in spanish. And as I started developing more ability to speak then came a little less testimony and a little more speaking. But man testimony is where it is at. We have had so many powerful lessons this week because of it... whether that was my own testimony of that of my companion or that of a member. But I love yall so much and have a good week.

Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011

Oh man I love that story about Zekiel. But man I just love being Mormon. That's what I decided this week. This Sunday the Bishop and us made a shoutout for families to help us do this questionare about families, Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon. And it was just 4 questions that the members would ask people as they went out and knocked doors for an hour and a half or an hour. And so we invited them to do this questionaire this Sunday at 4. And It was cool because like 22 people showed up at 4 still dressed in their church clothes and just ready to do missionary work. It was just something really cool to see, that us as missionaries are not the only ones trying to carry out God's work; and that the members were ready to give time out of their day to help the missionary work. We ended up getting 18 new people to go and try to visit this week. As well as some amazing like testimonies/experiences that they had while doing it. One of the moms said, man that was just a huge hurdle for me to walk up to a door and know already who it was that was going to answer, and then ask them questions about the gospel...But it was way fun, and my understanding and testimony of missionary work has grown. A couple of the young women told us how they ran into some spanish people, and how God had blessed them to understand what they were saying; like total gift of tounges. And then other people were just way pumped cause they had found someone that was just way interested and wanted to know a lot more. So ya that was just a way cool thing for me to see. And also we found some really prepared people through nuestros propios esfuerzos tambien, and through inspiracion. But ya we were teaching this guy named Steve and just had a couple questions about the plan of salvation and Adam and Eve. And so we flipped open to 2 Nefi 2 and just read; and then he would ask another question, and we would ask him to read the next verse, and boom there was his answer. Like no joke this happened at least 5 times where he would ask a question and it would be in the next verse. And then he asked about infant baptism and so we went to Moroni 8. And the whole lesson was like question, Book of Mormon, answer and testimony. But man the Book of Mormon just has it all. Any sincere question that anyone has about anything really, there is an answer to it in the Book of Mormon. I also found out this week, that I  have so much to improve on that it is ridiculous. I don't know how many authority arguments that we got into this week. Well I just don't see a difference between your church and mine... Well the difference is that we have a prophet who holds the authority, and you can see here in the bible... Why should I be baptized in your church when I already have been baptized...Well our church has the authority to baptize and where does your churches authority to baptize come from?  Which is true, and also pretty bold, but most definitely boldness without love is equal to offensive and defensive. So I've been thinking a lot about it, and how I can address this concern that so many people have, but do it in a way that they do not become offended or defensive. And I think I have come up with an answer; actually a couple of them, But that is everyones homework this weekend. What is the difference if I join your church or If I stay in my own church? How could we respond to this concern, without trying to convince them intellectually and with a hundred different scriptures on authority? I love yall so much! Have a good week

Friday, July 8, 2011

July 5, 2011

 I want to thank Elder Montagoose, because his insight with his companion about writing daily miracles just completely changed me this week. Well we had a lot of miracles this week. One of them was a guy named Fernando Dominguez. The lesson was a testimony to me that God answers prayers and is helping us everyday to find the prepared. He had prayed the night before to have God help him change his life around and then we showed up. He was way interested, and the spirit was very strong. We invited him to pray right then and there to find out if Joseph Smith was a prophet. He did, and the spirit filled the room. He accepted a baptismal date, and filled out a calendar of what he needed to do to prepare himself to be baptized. It was amazing and such a miracle. Another miracle that I experienced this week was to hear the power of my comps testimony of how the gospel blesses his family and the example his dad was for him. I loved it and I know my comps and I desire to share the gospel just sparked. I've decided that miracles come in all shapes and forms, and if all we think of miracles is that they're this giant manifestation of the extraordinary, then we are missing out on so many of God's little blessings. And miracles truly seem to happen once in a lifetime. And when that happens our faith in miracles is diminished, and with the diminishing of faith, comes the diminishing of miracles. But if we learn to accept little miracles, and we learn to recognize them, then our faith in miracles happening increases, and by small and small increments of faith leads to the ability to witness the ministering of angels, the moving of mountains, and to someone that has full and complete trust in their father in heaven. When we have faith, we trust God. I love in Ether, when it is talking about his sanctifying process, I believe it is in verse 17 it says, how his worries were no more, for he knew it was all in God's hands. I am not there yet, I am not going to lie; but I am working on it and by recognizing the daily miracles and by growing in my faith of God, I know I can get there one day. But ya, its crazy we are meeting just so many awesome people, now they just need to come to church haha. But It will happen this week. Well I love yall so much, and I hope yall have an awesome week!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Some photos and a video!!

June 27, 2011

I really liked that talk mom about the difference between to do and to be. You think that you could send it to me? It was crazy because that is what I studied in my personal study to day. I was reflecting on how come there is always sometime during the week that I will forget my purpose, by either becoming irritated with an individual, or by thinking too much about numbers, by procrastinating doing something or just being complacent about where I am at. And just like everything, if I am not consistently striving for the spirit and trying to build my testimony, then my spiritual awareness and testimony will begin to shrink. And so I started just really pondering on the things that I failed to do this week, that may have impeded me from becoming closer who God wants me to be, and what he wants me to accomplish. So the first things that popped in my head, was my goal to becoming sanctified; i had neglected to check myself on it this whole entire week; my journal, I had missed like four to five days this week; I had failed to read my patriarchal blessing and other things that I had failed to do. And so then I started making goals for this week; a to do list- so that I would be able to have the spirit with me. So I decided to take the advice of Elder Montagoose and just begin by making a list of miracles that happen every day. But then it hit me... the goals or things that I will be doing this week, MUST be more than a check off list too me, or the progress to what I really want; to be sanctified, will be very little. I think that is why the word remember is said to be the most important word in all of scripture. We don't become who God wants us to be by making a to do list, but rather, by making a to do list and remembering each and every day to ask ourselves, is this helping me become who God wants me to become? And so that is definitely something that I learned this week. But man this week we were really just blessed to find some prepared people, and to also use our members to help us. I love it when we can take a member that is somewhat less active in the church and somewhat battling with some testimony issues, and help him see the miracles and spirit of missionary work. And they come up to you on Sunday, and they're just asking about the investigators they taught, how they're doing and if there is anything that they can do to help them out and stuff like that. And I think that is the key to all of missionary work; when the members, get to know the people you are teaching and it ignites a flame in them to have their own missionary experiences. Its an awesome thing. But I got to get going. I love yall so much and have an awesome week!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 20, 2011

This week we were just so blessed with teaching opportunities and with people accepting baptismal commitments. We weren't so blessed with people coming to church, but its ok because I was just checking myself on the things that I should be doing, and on doing everything I can do to get people to church I have completely failed. So it just let me know that God wants me to have success and miracles, but it is all dependent on my faith repentance and what I do. And what we did this week was focus on using the Book of Mormon and baptism. And God blessed us with people that were interested in the Book of Mormon and accepted baptismal dates; but in the process we forgot to focus on church; and well we didn't receive all the blessings for that. But now this week we will be focusing on all three, and I know we will see the blessings from all three. One of the people that accepted a baptismal date is named fransisco Villa, who is a son of a former investigator. And he is only 15, but we just had like 10 min. the first lesson, so we just taught him how to pray. And he is like well I don't really have anything I want from God, so I don't rally need to pray, right? And we were just like well Yes you do. Its a commandment to pray, and if you don't have anything that you need or want, then you should have a giant list of things to thank God for. And he was like oh well that makes a lot of sense. And so he said a prayer of thanks. And all he said was I thank you for my family in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. And it was just an awesome prayer. And after finished, he just said, wow, I feel really good right now. And it just so amazing to me the power of prayer, and how when we have the desire and the understanding of prayer, it doesn't matter what we say or ask, but we will feel the confirming presence of the Holy Ghost. Some of the most powerful moments on my mission have been in having investigators pray and feel the presence of God. Whether that is a prayer to come to know if the BOM is true, or something as simple as I thank you for my family. oh y tambien esta semana we taught a guy from India who is of the religion Siek. He had the whole prayer room and idols and everything. But we started with the plan of salvation, and how all of us started from the same religion, and how that religion had a prophet named Adam who was instructed by God. And how those prophets continued to go down, and people that didn't believe would break off and not listen to the prophets and even some times claim to be a prophet themselves. And that's why we have so many different religions today such as Siek and Buddhism and Judaism and Christianity and everything. And ya it was pretty cool, but his english wasn't all so good and so I don't think he understood, but I drew it out for him; and ya that probably actually made it worse. But what can you do? way nice guy though. But for me once again it was an experience that helped me understand prayer even more. Because obviously they aren't praying correctly and yet still feel way good when they do it Like it doesn't matter who you are; God will answer because you are his son or daughter. But prayers become just even more powerful as we come to know that God is not just a god of a certain attribute or thing; that God is not just a creator; but he is our Father, and he loves us. And that through His son Jesus Christ we can return to his presence, not just as an angel singing and playing a harp; but with the potential of becoming like Him and learning form a father that wants to teach us so much. I really do love this gospel, I love the power of prayer, I love seeing people change their live as they realize that they can not only talk to God, but that God can talk back. I know this is true, because I have heard the words of God through the whisperings of the Holy Ghost. I love yall so much! have a fabulous week!

Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011

This week was like service week for us; food bank, mowing yards, removing sod, setting up a graduation party and painting poles. Which is awesome cause I had been praying that we would have many opportunities to serve, and well God definitely blessed us with that. And you know I learned a lot from it this week. I was reading in preach my gospel, under ways to find people, and it said to just always pray for unplanned service in order to find people to teach. And so that's what I did and that is what God blessed us with; but what I learned was this; when we serve we need to serve with pure motives. And what I mean by that, is that because PMG had told me that this was a way to find new people to teach that is why I decided to do it. And after each act of service I would find myself tired and sad at the end of the day when I realized that we didn't really teach that many people. And it hit me at the end of the week when I asked myself, why did we do service this week? And my 100% motive was to find people to teach, (and granted it was to help people out as well, because I really do just love helping people out as well), but then I asked myself, and, what is my motive behind teaching people? And it just hit me; i had made that goal to see our numbers go up, and not with the intent to really serve people because I love them. And the way we can tell if we love them, is how much we desire them to listen to the message. But the concept I learned is that there really is no number attached to a pure motive. The goal and concept behind PMG is flawless, but my own flaws for thinking that finding people to teach is a number is completely flawed. Amazingly our numbers for finding were awesome this week, although none of them came from the service that we rendered. Truly this is God's work and he did want us to find more of his children this week. One of the guys we found this week is name Tomas. I think he has really been prepared. Lauro our team teacher just bore the powerfullest testimony ever about the book of mormon, and then my companion bore his, and then I invited him to be baptized and he accepted it. That was our first day ever seeing him; and so I definitely know that God is preparing his children here for me to find, and I know that as my motives stay true and pure that I will find these people and invite them to come unto Christ. I love yall so much and have a good week

June 6, 2011

Well this week was way good. But i guess some comments beforehand. congratulations Alisa! that is so awesome that I got a new niece. And also I felt impressed that I needed to pray that you had peace cause i had feeling that you were somewhat stressed. And well it sounds like you may have been a little stressed this week haha. And i just got the letter from Payden and Cha Chi today. And so I will probably send them both a letter next week. But Holy Cow this week was awesome. My new Companion is Elder Salomon from Mexico City. He is a stud. He is somewhat scared to talk in english with people, but he is a powerhouse in spanish. But ya i really want to help him with his english, but we just don't have any english investigators right now. And so that is something that I hope we can start doing this week. Cause we definitely need to teach more english people. But the familia Lopes got baptized and confirmed this week as well as Josiah which was way awesome. But now we're back to nobody on date, but I know if we work like it all depends on us and expect miracles like they all depend on God, that the windows of heaven will be opened and we will see and find people who are ready. But I don't have my planner on me so I am failing at remembering what happened this week. But ya this week was way good, and I love yall so much; have an awesome week.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 30, 2011

Yes I have been studying my patriarchal blessing almost every day, and I think that is why we have had so many spiritual lessons lately. And ya I did know that Elder Gillespie was Skylers comp, in fact we just got transfer calls yesterday, and my comp is now going to be comps with Elder Gillespie, and Elder Almquist is going down to Wenatchee. We talked with them yesterday actually. Elder Almquist is a funny guy, he thinks that Stephanie is going to wait for him; definitely laughed and told him not to hate me cause I got about 10 months on him. But ya that was pretty cool hearing from him. And by the way can you find out Sara Lee's address for me, because I lost the envelope and don't know her address. I guess Alayna wrote me too, but for whatever reason she sent it to Chelan, and I am pretty sure I haven't been there for like 10 months. So I might not be writing her back for a while. But man, I am so excited right now because we have just had so many spiritually powerful lessons this week; and one of them was with the Lopez family. And well HNA Lopez was supposed to be baptized yesterday right, but she will actually be baptized this coming Saturday. But this last week we taught them. And for the first time in 2 weeks we finally taught Hno Lopez, and the last time we had contact with him, he told us he didn't want to be baptized for another year, and then left the room and went to sleep. And so we were teaching Hna Lopez, and making sure she was living all the commandments and was ready to be baptized and Hno Lopez and their autistic son Jesus are just kind of listening in. And we asked her who she wanted to baptize her and everything; and then Jesus just kind of points at his dad and says " tu, tu " Amd the spirit just hit me, and it just said this family needs to be together, and he needs to be baptized. And i asked him, "What do you need to do to be baptized?" and he was like, "Nothing", and then I asked him " Are you ready?" He said he was and I asked him, "Well what's the date then?" And he said, " This Sunday" And it was just so awesome and such a miracle. But then they weren't able to do it this Sunday because of work conflictions. But They will be baptized this Saturday as well as Josiah. So I am way excited for this coming up transfer, and I don't know my companion yet, because I will be his trainer, and picking him up tomorrow from Spokane. So pray for me that I can be a excellent role model for him and that we can pick up this area in othlleo. I love yall so much, but I don't really have time to write because my comp needs to pack and stuff. have a good week.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 23, 2011

hola familia!!!! Esta semana fue marvillosa! Tuvimos muchos milagros, bueno todo mi distrito tuvieron una buena semana llena con milagros. We had the baptismal interview with Josiah and he will being baptized in a couple weeks and is doing awesome! we might be playing baseball with him today if it doesn't rain. And then there is hermana lopez. She has just been trying and trying to push her date of baptism back and her husband told us last week that he doesn't want to be baptized anymore, although their kids were baptized just a couple of weeks ago, and they all go pretty much every Sunday. But I guess the husband wants his son to baptize him, but the son can't baptize him till another year when he turns 16, and she wanted to wait till her family came down sometime in July. And so we havent been able to teach the husband for about two weeks, just cause he is working a ton and if he is there is just way tired. But we taught hermana Lopez and she told us that she really wanted to be baptized but was thinking the 29th was too soon. And so we told her, that if God wanted her to be baptized on the 29th than that is what she needed to do. And so on this Sunday we all fasted; us and her and her sons in order to know if the 29th was the right day. And we broke our fast at her house with a carne asada. SOOOO GOOOD! And we shared a short message and as we were heading out the door, she told us... I want to be baptized, I know i can't keep pushing it back, I'll be baptized this Sunday. Such a miracle, and such a women with faith, and just a perfect example of the power of prayer and fasting. Also another cool story. This whole transfer I've made it a goal just to talk with EVERYONE. Like, people in soccer bleachers, people walking dogs, McDonalds workers, people closing the doors to their cars, and walking inside hospitals. I haven't been perfect at it, but I have tried to do the best I can; and well a couple of weeks ago, there was a women that was fixing to walk into the hospital, and I stopped her real fast and tried to really search for the spirit while I was contacting her. And it came...I didn't even really say anything different then what I would normally say, but the words I said, I could tell they were meant for her. She gave us her address, which resided in the zone leaders area, and that was that. Well this week on exchanges with zone leaders, I was in their area, and we were trying another referral that we had given them, but she was busy or something, and so we walked down the street, and there was a women outside watering her yawn. So we contacted her. She told us that she had briefly talked to some missionaries about two three weeks ago and asked them to come by. I then recognized her, and asked her her name again. I also recognized the name, as the same lady I had contacted at the hospital. Apparently the zone leaders had lost the address and hadn't tried her. But she said, hold on I want you to teach my kids... she grabbed her 3 boys told them to sit down and listen. They were awesome kids and came to church with the zone leaders the next day. So that was pretty cool. And an awesome testimony builder to me, that God truly puts people in our path, and prepares them to accept His gospel. But ya a lot of cool things happened this week. Hermana Lopez also gave us a referral to a family, whose mom wants that her kids go to our church, after they finish the first communion in the catholic church. And we taught them this week, and they too are just awesome, and hopefully will start coming to church in the next couple weeks. But ya this transfer has soared by! We get out calls this next week as well. Oh and this same family; their dad is crazy. they have this pet bull right. And the dad is just raising it so that he can ride it when it gets older. But I guess he just got straight fed up with it cause, every time he would get on it to ride it, the bull would just sit down and not move. So a couple of days ago he just cut it lose and just straight up stabbed it with his knife, so that they could use it for food. So now they have a ton of cow intestines in their sink and a whole fridge full of bull. pretty crazy stuff. well i love yall, have a good week!

Friday, May 20, 2011

May 16, 2011

Man Payden was looking so good in that suit and tie he is going to do work. I am beyond excited and proud for him. And holy miracle story about Elder adam bangeter! The church is true and God still speaks with men. But you know it is crazy mom because I have been having this impression that I need to read my patriarchal Blessing for like the past week, and I haven't done it yet. But I definitely will take the challenge cause I know it is something I need to do. So Follow up with me next week on that and make sure i am doing it.But ya about the work; it probably wasn't our best week, with a couple big bumps on the road; but its all good because that just means miracles are just around the corner. In fact I was thinking a lot about this past week and how we had felt that we just didn't have the Spirit with us very much. And it just hit me this morning. That sarcasm is a spirit killing thing. It doesn't seem like it is while you're just going about your normal day; but joke after joke and laugh after laugh is the reason while your ability to feel the spirit weakens and weakens. Its crazy, because you can think that you're just having a good time, and then when the days over, you realize that you haven't really done anything, and you feel like you are lacking so much. Not to say that joking and laughing are the bad things, but sarcasm is just not something that comes from God. And so I am extremely thankful that i received this revelation today, and am excited for this coming week. And also bashing is just not good, although sometimes it is funny. We got in this bash with an apostolic guy who just did not want anything to do with Joseph Smith, Paul, David, or the angel Moroni, and the virgen maria; just Jesus. And well he contradicted himself about 27 times, but of course when he got called out for it; he went back to how he would never follow the adulterer Smith, and the angel Moroni, or King David or any sinner man, but only Jesus Christ. And so I told him 1, Joseph Smith is not an adulterer, 2 All men are sinners, but God still calls them to his work and qualifies them, 3 Without the prophets we would have no knowledge of Jesus Christ, and with every prophet we can learn even more 4 You say you want to know Jesus Christ more than anything, but deny all men who have the ability to help you know more. and 5 You're relying on an incomplete, imperfect book to have complete and perfect answers and therefore your doctrines have many flaws and is imperfect. But ya he didn't like that too well ( and I shouldn't have said all this) and he stood up, and yelled I am full of the spirit, all you need is Jesus and the bible is perfect. And I was thinking well this guys full of spirit is going to full on punch me and my companion in the face... easy cowboy. And then we showed him two blatant conflicting parts in the bible. And he was just irate and was like well these contradictions were just the errors of men... and so we talked a little bit more, but we both knew that we had to go because it was not going anywhere. But it is just ridiculous because people are so blinded by the subtle craftiness of men and don't listen to what we have to say because they think they have the answers. But it's not by my knowledge that someone is going to be converted but rather by the spirit of my testimony, and I think I forgot that for a little while. And So that will be my goal this week to testify of everything. But I love yall so much and I hope yall have a good week. Thanks for the extra food ma y por los fotos de Payden.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 9, 2011

Ok entoces el regalo para Alena y tambien la carta y regalo para mama va a llegar en miercoles probablemente. Pero, Nick is lame i have most definitely worked... ok maybe not but now I am a work aholic. But ya definitaly have a long time to go holy cow. But ya sounds good. I was just thinking about that though because if there is nothing to do when I get home I am going to go absolutely crazy. But I don't know if there is any way I can get a job at like deseret books or anything, cause I just see these books all the time, and I am like oh man I want to read them so bad, but they aren't needed at this time in my life, so I will read them when I get back. But anyways. So one thing that I just love about hispanics is that they are 7 times out of ten willing to just feed you when they are having una fiesta. You say you are hungry and you have become part of the party. De hecho hay muchos misioners que no planean una hora para cenar porque creen que van a encontrar hispanos que estan comiendo. And so this week I had grilled oysters for the first time. I am not going to say that I am a fan, but they tasted better than they looked. I also got gold glitter all over my hair and helmet cause a little girl decided to steal my helmet and run off with it. And sis. gerber the lady we live with, asked us to help her cooking on Sunday, and I went 3 for 3 on butchering everything. Oh it was somewhat funny but man I felt way bad. Who would have known that mayonnaise and miracle whip are not the same thing, or that pie filling burns if you are not stirring it constantly, or when she asked me if I could clean the seeds out of the pitcher that she did not mean just get rid of all the lemon juice that she had just squeezed in there. Ya i guess i am not the best man to have in the kitchen. But as for the missionary work of things we had a way good week. We are starting to get a lot of potentials and teaching a lot and so that is way good. We have made it a goal to use the book of mormon in our contacts and holy cow is just works miracles. you get to see peoples immediate concerns or peoples interest just increases and then it is just an amazing opportunity to testify and bring in the spirit. And there was also this youth conference that my companion and I taught at and all the youth wrote down their testimonies in the books that we are giving out. So that was pretty cool. We also got a couple referrals out of it and taught 3 non members that came with their friends, which was pretty cool. But ya it was a way good week. And I love yall so much and it was so awesome hearing yall; and have an awesome week.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 2, 2011

Pues something is telling me that Alena really needs a cell phone for her birthday, but then again that something might just be Alena. Well this week as far as the missionary work goes was massiso. We were once again blessed to find more people who accepted a baptismal date, as well as investigators coming to church. I also learned that it is not just elders that our disobedient. Flipping hermanas, they're killing me right now. I guess the zone leaders found them at their house still in there pajamas at 12:00 in the morning. Turns out that this is an almost every day occurrence according to the members they live with as well. But they are doing way good with everything else. right? I mean baptisms and lessons, so it is all good. Sorry, but that is not how it works. This is God's work, and a lot of times he will bless disobedient missionaries, just as much as He will obedient missionaries. The rain falls on both the wicked and the righteous. Just because our lives are good, and everything is going right, does not mean that we personally are doing what is good nor doing what is right. So what does obedience do? I have been thinking about this a lot. It seems to me that the times where I have been the most obedient has brought about two different results. It was towards the begging of my mission, and I was pretty close to 100% obedient or so I thought and all it did was make me use the word irate a ton, and judge other people, I had begun to think I was better than the other missionaries, and really looked down on the disobedient ones. I was living the law perfectly and i loved being obedient to it. But I never found the joy in the gospel doing this. Then something changed, as I realized how this is not the type of obedient that God wanted me to be. there's a quote that says. "When obedience ceases to become an irritant, and rather becomes the desire of our hearts, at that precise moment we are endowed with power from on high." Obedience has recently become something that I chose to do not as a duty or something that my mind loved, but rather something that my heart wants to do. Everything in the gospel is all about motives. I can honestly say that I am beginning to understand the joy of the gospel, the power that God has entrusted me with, so that I can teach his children. to truly experience this joy and power, cannot be experienced by a disobedient missionary. I don't think I am better than a single missionary out here, but i do feel saddened when I know the joy and power that they are missing. They still have success a lot of the time, they have fun, and they change peoples lives; but there is nothing compared to the purification power of the Holy Ghost, as it purifies all of your motives. I have failed to many times at this already... It seems the more I try to be obedient or to be purified God puts another test in our path. Sadly a lot of the times I fail the test, in fact I almost beat this guy down as he started back talking us on something completely false this week. I was like well are you going to fight with us or are you actually going to listen. And then my companion and I just shut him down with the bible.But that's the beauty of the Atonement. But ya hopefully by the end of this I will be a purified vessel in the hands of able to righteously choose amandas husband, and beat down the guys that knock on our door for Alena...2nd thought something is telling me she does not need a cell phone. But i love yall so much and have an awesome week. talk to yall later LQM

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 25, 2011

Crazy awesome week, this week. My new comp is from Houston Texas, and his name is Elder Crandall. We have had so many miracles this week. We were blessed to have 7 investigators in church, which is like a high, and also 3 people committed themselves to baptism this week. And with miracles like that I can't even begin to complain about all the rejections we have received. I love it though, because there are so many hispanos here, and it is starting to get warm, so there is just a million people outside... which is a lot seeing how it is only a town of 2000. We also played baseball with like these 7 yr old kids, for like 2 mins with this little princess plastic bat. And my comp got a single, and then I warned the outfielder to back up, but he did not. And i faked like i was going to strike out but then I just smacked it way over his head for a home run. And I let him know it was a home run too, so that was fun. I have also learned this week that bible bashing does nothing, especially if someone does not know the bible. We also had a guy tell us his conspiracy theory about easter, because there is no such thing as a bunny that lays eggs, and how santa is wrong because he is breaking and entering, and how these holidays are just teaching kids lies...the sad part was is that he was completely serious the whole time. He did not appreciate the fact that I just kept on laughing and then trying to agree with him, but he did accept a return appointment, so that was good. And then of course there is this old man named Bob who just rides his little motor scooter, wheel chair thing all around our area. So I think we have ran in to him nearly every day. It was way funny though because he just got irate at this other motor scooter guy who was dissing on his scooter because it could only go five mile without needing a recharge. He was not to happy about that. But then again I don't think he is to happy about a lot of of us being mormon missionaries. But we always say hi to him when he is passing by and ask if he needs any help or anything...and without fail he cusses and turns and drives the other way. But who knows maybe one day. But now for a spiritual story. There is a guy name Josiah, who is actually married to a less active woman of the church, who actually has a desire to start going back to church, which helps a lot probably. But as of last week he did not even have a belief in God; but his heart was opened by the service of the former missionaries, who had taught him the restoration and left him with the Book of Mormon. He then went on to read the assigned part of the Book of Mormon with an earnest desire to know if it is true. We went over there and he now has a belief in God, and we went on to teach him the plan that God has for us and what his purpose of being here is. We invited him to be baptized, and he said maybe. His wife suggested a date in June when his son is going to be baptized. I felt a strong impression to share my personal experience of baptism and how I remember dad and how proud he was of me. He was hit with the spirit, his wife who suggested a possible baptism in June began to tear up, in which I asked as prompted by the spirit, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone that holds the priesthood authority of God. Without hesitation he said he would. He accepted a baptismal date 3 weeks away. He also came to church this week and is still reading from the Book of Mormon. Massiso! ?Verdad? The spirit is the converter; maybe not everybody wants to change, but they will feel the spirit directing them to do so as they open their hearts, and they will be given a choice to act on their agency to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Those that do, will change their lives for the better, and those that continue to listen will change their lives forever, until they are in harmony with the will of God. I am so excited to be here in Othello with Elder Crandall because we are truly a threesome with the spirit. Love yall so much! Have a good week.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 18, 2011

Happy homecoming sister. I am pretty sure that I wrote you on your missionary e-mail, but i am not sure if you got it or not. But ya also before I forget, if you could email me chachs mission address that would be awesome, because i got a letter from him, 2 or 3 weeks ago and am afraid if i send the letter now he probably won't receive it. This week was so awesome. We are or were teaching this guy named Rodrigo ( I am being transferred to Othello to second train and be a district leader again), but I am pretty sure i have mentioned him before, but he is just so golden. He has came to church the last three weeks, reading the book of mormon daily and is praying to God to help him to be baptized on May 7th. Just a stud; in fact I have been so blessed here in Spokane with God just sending us to the golden investigators here in Spokane. It was crazy... granted we had 7 or more of them move, 3 of them being without a doubt baptisms; but a miracle none the less. But ya so Rodrigo is actually living with a less active member named tammy who speaks very little spanish, and he doesnt speak hardly any english; but for whatever reason this is a common occurence here in Washington, no se por que. But they are not married either, and so we went over this week to teach them the law of chasity, and were exicted to invite them to live it. But it turns out he is still married to una mujer esta en mexico que no tiene ganas para divorciarse para nada. Una situacion dificil pero tambien muy common aqui. But we told them that basically there was two decisions... separate, be baptized, and eventually be married after the divorce in mexico is resolved; or wait for who knows how long for the divorce and then be baptized. Then we told them to pray about it and truly seek for an answer, without a pre answer already in their head, and that God would help them know what is to be done. And they came to church, and have been praying, and so hopefully they have been looking for an answer as well. But I will be leaving tomorrow morning, so I probably wont see them for a while, but I hope everything goes well for them. I am also just way excited for my new area in Othello. I think I am staying in the house where yall saw me shucking corn that one time. But ya I am so ready to see some more miracles here in this other area. And if yall could give thanks to the almquist family, they sent me this awesome book with a bunch of conversion stories, and testimonies of everyone in our ward back home; and that was just amazing to see and to read it. I learned a ton. I really liked what Bro. King said, about how attitude is a manifestation of ones faith. How on his mission he just prayed for the ability to always smile and have a good attitude. And it just hit me when I read it. Because I definately know that I have a strong testimony, and mucho fe, but I don't smile all that much. And It is just another thing that I lack and can improve to my future strength list. I mean people need to see me as a representative of Jesus Christ. And as a representative of Jesus Christ I should be smiling all the time. And then dad's testimony about his first fireball missionary companion; and even more now because I have the opportunity to go into to a new area with a new missionary and I am just going to hit the ground running. Oh I am so pumped and ready to go. But I thank everybody in the ward for their testimonies and prayers. And I love yall so much. I know that this work I am doing is the work of God. Yo se que nuestra familia es eterna y vamos a vivir juntos en la presencia de Dios un dia. Y yo se que soy un discipulo de Jesucristo el hijo de Dios, y he sido llamado por el para declarar su palabra entre su pueblo, para que ellos puedan tener la vida eterna. Les Amo. Y diga amanda para escribirme en espanol. Gracias. Tengan una buena semana!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 11, 2011

Well that is just awesome mom that you were able to recognize the hand and help of God throughout the week; it is something that I personally have been striving and praying to see these last couple days. For me it is easier to see the hand of God when things are going bad but then miracles start happening, but I think sometimes we get a little cocky and we start giving ourselves credit, and then we lose sight of who was the one that got us to that point. I know I have that weakness as a missionary. We have a good week, and I start thinking, well we did it because we had set awesome goals, we had worked hard, we had a bomb lesson, or we did so well following up, and just taught the gospel like pros. But that isn't true at all. We had a good week because we set goals by the spirit, we worked diligently because we love our Heavenly Father, and all of His children, we followed the Spirit in the lesson, we applied the commandments that God has given us, and recognized that God knows the needs of his children, and us not so much. Recognizing God and the Spirit in all things is just so crucial. Giving ourselves credit, is a giant stumbling block; because as soon as we do that we give ourselves credit to a work which is not even ours. W/O the spirit and God, we wouldn't have the ability to have done any of the things which we did. I have recently learned that I do things, not just to get the spirit to teach, but because I love God, and I begin to see that he loves everyone so much, and my desire is to have everyone to return to his presence. The Spirit then becomes a bifactor of this higher desire. Seeking for the Spirit of God, is just another way of saying, learning to recognize and develop the love of God for yourself and for all those around you. This week we were blessed to have our investigator Rodrigo accept una fecha de bautismal/ He is doing so good to prepare himself to be baptized.\, by reading praying and coming to church. Brenda also came for the first time, and it was just so awesome to see her there. By the end of this week she too should be preparing for baptism. Right now we have a pretty small teaching pool, in other words, we have giant opportunity to recognize the hand of God, and follow the Holy spirit. I am really excited for this week. I have no idea how we are going to find more people, it almost feels like we have talked to all the hispanics here in spokane; but I know we will, and it won't be anything I do or my companion. But I know this God's work, and he wants to find, teach and prepare His children for baptism, and so that is what He is going to help us do. I don't know how much time I have left in Spokane, because transfers are this week, but wether i have a week of 7 more weeks here in this area, I will see miracles from God. I thank yall so much for your prayers and examples to me and I love yall so much. Have a fantastic week!