Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 30, 2011

Yes I have been studying my patriarchal blessing almost every day, and I think that is why we have had so many spiritual lessons lately. And ya I did know that Elder Gillespie was Skylers comp, in fact we just got transfer calls yesterday, and my comp is now going to be comps with Elder Gillespie, and Elder Almquist is going down to Wenatchee. We talked with them yesterday actually. Elder Almquist is a funny guy, he thinks that Stephanie is going to wait for him; definitely laughed and told him not to hate me cause I got about 10 months on him. But ya that was pretty cool hearing from him. And by the way can you find out Sara Lee's address for me, because I lost the envelope and don't know her address. I guess Alayna wrote me too, but for whatever reason she sent it to Chelan, and I am pretty sure I haven't been there for like 10 months. So I might not be writing her back for a while. But man, I am so excited right now because we have just had so many spiritually powerful lessons this week; and one of them was with the Lopez family. And well HNA Lopez was supposed to be baptized yesterday right, but she will actually be baptized this coming Saturday. But this last week we taught them. And for the first time in 2 weeks we finally taught Hno Lopez, and the last time we had contact with him, he told us he didn't want to be baptized for another year, and then left the room and went to sleep. And so we were teaching Hna Lopez, and making sure she was living all the commandments and was ready to be baptized and Hno Lopez and their autistic son Jesus are just kind of listening in. And we asked her who she wanted to baptize her and everything; and then Jesus just kind of points at his dad and says " tu, tu " Amd the spirit just hit me, and it just said this family needs to be together, and he needs to be baptized. And i asked him, "What do you need to do to be baptized?" and he was like, "Nothing", and then I asked him " Are you ready?" He said he was and I asked him, "Well what's the date then?" And he said, " This Sunday" And it was just so awesome and such a miracle. But then they weren't able to do it this Sunday because of work conflictions. But They will be baptized this Saturday as well as Josiah. So I am way excited for this coming up transfer, and I don't know my companion yet, because I will be his trainer, and picking him up tomorrow from Spokane. So pray for me that I can be a excellent role model for him and that we can pick up this area in othlleo. I love yall so much, but I don't really have time to write because my comp needs to pack and stuff. have a good week.

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