Friday, May 20, 2011

May 16, 2011

Man Payden was looking so good in that suit and tie he is going to do work. I am beyond excited and proud for him. And holy miracle story about Elder adam bangeter! The church is true and God still speaks with men. But you know it is crazy mom because I have been having this impression that I need to read my patriarchal Blessing for like the past week, and I haven't done it yet. But I definitely will take the challenge cause I know it is something I need to do. So Follow up with me next week on that and make sure i am doing it.But ya about the work; it probably wasn't our best week, with a couple big bumps on the road; but its all good because that just means miracles are just around the corner. In fact I was thinking a lot about this past week and how we had felt that we just didn't have the Spirit with us very much. And it just hit me this morning. That sarcasm is a spirit killing thing. It doesn't seem like it is while you're just going about your normal day; but joke after joke and laugh after laugh is the reason while your ability to feel the spirit weakens and weakens. Its crazy, because you can think that you're just having a good time, and then when the days over, you realize that you haven't really done anything, and you feel like you are lacking so much. Not to say that joking and laughing are the bad things, but sarcasm is just not something that comes from God. And so I am extremely thankful that i received this revelation today, and am excited for this coming week. And also bashing is just not good, although sometimes it is funny. We got in this bash with an apostolic guy who just did not want anything to do with Joseph Smith, Paul, David, or the angel Moroni, and the virgen maria; just Jesus. And well he contradicted himself about 27 times, but of course when he got called out for it; he went back to how he would never follow the adulterer Smith, and the angel Moroni, or King David or any sinner man, but only Jesus Christ. And so I told him 1, Joseph Smith is not an adulterer, 2 All men are sinners, but God still calls them to his work and qualifies them, 3 Without the prophets we would have no knowledge of Jesus Christ, and with every prophet we can learn even more 4 You say you want to know Jesus Christ more than anything, but deny all men who have the ability to help you know more. and 5 You're relying on an incomplete, imperfect book to have complete and perfect answers and therefore your doctrines have many flaws and is imperfect. But ya he didn't like that too well ( and I shouldn't have said all this) and he stood up, and yelled I am full of the spirit, all you need is Jesus and the bible is perfect. And I was thinking well this guys full of spirit is going to full on punch me and my companion in the face... easy cowboy. And then we showed him two blatant conflicting parts in the bible. And he was just irate and was like well these contradictions were just the errors of men... and so we talked a little bit more, but we both knew that we had to go because it was not going anywhere. But it is just ridiculous because people are so blinded by the subtle craftiness of men and don't listen to what we have to say because they think they have the answers. But it's not by my knowledge that someone is going to be converted but rather by the spirit of my testimony, and I think I forgot that for a little while. And So that will be my goal this week to testify of everything. But I love yall so much and I hope yall have a good week. Thanks for the extra food ma y por los fotos de Payden.

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  1. You tell 'em, Ty! :) Love ya!