Friday, April 30, 2010

April 28, 2010

Dear Family,

I did write last week and it said that it sent so I don’t know why you didn’t get it. Just in case you don’t get it again I decided to write this hand one as well. First off, I love you all so much and I love the letters y’all send. In answer to your questions; Yes! I am happy. Of course I am. Tired, but very happy. My favorite part about the MTC is the Devotionals, The RC (referral calls), and Sunday dinner (chicken cordon bleu). I had another cool experience at the RC this week, as I talked to a black lady from like Virginia or something. We talked for about an hour. She kept saying well yeah that makes sense, but I am going to have to ask my pastor. So I will have to call her again next week. And this week’s devotional we had L. Tom Perry come. Awesome! Out of all the things I noticed and hard, the thing that stuck out the most to me was that he looked like he was the happiest man on earth. He was always smiling. What an attribute. As he talked about the Book of Mormon I realized what made him smile all the time. It was the fact that he had learned the power behind the Book of Mormon and he had learned the key fact of life, that God loves him and that through this love he could love everyone else as well. I have this same knowledge as well, but the hard part is to never let yourself forget that you know it. Hopefully as each day moves forward, I will be taking another step to this attribute. As for what my day is like it is different every day with the exception of Pday and Sunday. We have 30-45 min. for breakfast, lunch and dinner; 90 min. for gym and ducharseos (sorry this didn’t translate in google translate). We wake up at 6:30 and have breakfast at 7. Class starts at 7:30 so we study about 12 hours a day, or we should haha, it is probably overall 11 hours of productive study. We are back in our dorms at 9:30 and lights out at 10:30. Fun stuff. As for the food; it is usually pretty good. But I am still the exact same weight; dad gum. I am pretty sure I have gained fat, but lost muscle. The spiritual experience of the week would be both the RC and the Devotional. When I get discouraged, the thing that helps me the most is just asking myself why am I thinking about me? And then I pray and go do something nice for someone. Being discouraged for other people is a little harder because you want to be their friend, but you realize that you have been called to be a leader and you can’t doubt God. In life I think, we all need to be a leader sometimes and then also sometimes we need to step up and be that leader. So we need to make that judgement for ourselves of what the time calls for; to be led or to lead. And yes, we go to the temple every Pday and it is so awesome. I love it. And yes, I have been taking pictures. I loved the story about our street as well. That was hilarious (I’m glad he found it hilarious! I was terrified! Haha!). I am so excited for Steve O. I am a better teacher than Alayna. I can’t wait to write y’all next week for Mother’s day and Alena’s birthday. I am so grateful for the love of Grandma and Grandpa, as well as Sister Andersen. I AM SO EXCITED TO BE A MISSIONARY.

Elder Ty Nelson

April 21, 2010

This is my letter from last week. It said that it sent, but judging from yall's letters it must not have. As for my letter for this week i am sending it in the mail just in case the e-mail doesn't send again. I love yall so much and when does school end for Alena? do work sister!

Hola familia! sorry my letters haven't been that full of details because i have to be the slowest typer in the world and we only got thirty minutes and then the computer shuts off and it won't even send. but this week was awesome. My companion and i are still doing really well and the branch president had my companion and i do a companinoship invetory with the companionship in our district that are struggling. And we are doing this every day for a week. As for the highlights of the week, I would have to say the RC and the TE. Refferal Center and Teaching Evaluation. The RC is where you call real people (in english thank goodness) and you ask them if they recived ceartain things that they may have ordered and then just try to teach them about our church. I have only been to this twice and the first time i called over fifty people and not one answered the phone. So the second time we went it looked like it was going to be the same result. My companion is like i am going to make one more call and then we can leave, so I was like then I will make 3 more calls. So on the 2nd call a women answered and i asked if Charles was home because that was the man who i was suppose to be getting a hold of. And of course he was not, but i was like doubt i let a chance go by like this not to mention this was the first person that answered in close to a hundred phone calls. So i asked who she was and she said that she was the wife of this Charles. And i asked her if she had recived the finding faith in jesus christ dvd. And she said she had probably like two years ago. so then i just started talking to her about Christ. ANd she was awesome. She sounded like she was in her 50's probably and she was a devout baptist from South Carolina. ya fun stuff. So i asked her what she belived and then i told her what we belived while backing up everything i said with the scriptures. And after originally saying no to recieving a Book of Mormon to make a long story short 52 minutes later and lesson 1 and 2 of Preach my Gospel completed she said she wanted a book of mormon. Awesome i love this gospel and the power from it! But i also have a new respect for strong Christians outside of our church. Cause i realized that i was talking to her, there were many times when the doctrines that she believed to be true she didn't understand but yet she still had a firm faith in Christ. But this also gave me a new appreciation for prophets and for modern day revelation as well as the gift of the Holy Ghost and how for the most part i understand what i believe and i understand it because of my faith in the prophet, modern day revelation which faith is confirmed and assured by the power and gift of the Holy Ghost; who is the only thing on this earth that can confirm truth with 100% fact, except for my mother. And so this was just a really cool experience for me and really just got me fired up. And also at the TE i learned something important. THis week will be the first week that we have to teach in spanish, no bueno haha. But as we were teaching, we were stumbling words and the spirit was not really there and we were just trying to arugue and prove our points through the scriptures so we would have to do as little talking as possible. And the man at the TE stopped us and told us that while we taught that if the Holy Ghost would give us the words to speak, for the words which the Holy Ghost speaks can pierce the very soul. And i already knew this, but somewhere along this teaching practice i had figured that the holy ghost could only bear witness through me in english, and forgot the fact that the Holy Ghost is not constrained to any language and no matter how simple our knowledge of the language may be, the Holy Ghost works through our own simplicity and can bring power to our words. SO we started over and taught once more and the power of the spirit was unreal, even with my lack of language skills. I know the power of the Holy Ghost is real and that it beareth witness to all men that this is the gospel of Jesus Christ no matter what language they speak or culture they're from or backround they have. I love you all so much! Thank you so much for the goodies mom alena and grandma and grandpa. they are amazing. I love yall so much. and tell cha chi he will be gettin a letter probably on firday. k love you got to go now.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

su hijo

Hey family! K so the highlight of this week for me is most deefinately the devotional yesterday it was absolutely amazing. His name was Elder Pace and he talked about the love that heavenly Father has for us, and i don't know if i have ever felt the spirit so strong. Everybody was silent and attentive. When he first began his talk he told us that he was going to tell us some stuff that is very sacred to him and personal and for that reason he only agreed to come after being assured that nothing was going to be recorded. And so ya i was on the edge of my seat after that. But i wont tell you everything he said but just know that it was aweome. He quoted the quote from Lorenzo Snow, Which says," As man now is God once was, as God now is man may become." and i just love this quote because it helps me realize that what i am doing now is moving me so much closer to my Heavenly Father and that every action i make should be representing His name. I know that i am never going to be perfect but I do know that as i continue to help invite others to come unto Christ I will be so much closer to God. Without the knowledge that God is literally our Father we alienate ourselves from him; we can never let ourselves feel like we are unworthy to talk to Him; we can never feel like he is so far away and our problems are so small that he doesn't care; or believe He is unreachable. Knowing that God is truly our Father, means that he knows each and every one of us individually, He knows us by name, He cares about everything we go through, He cries in sorrow when we do something wrong but still calls after us and cries for joy when we return to His presence. God is the one person that knows all of our weaknesses and our mistakes and still loves us with complete love. Knowing that God is our Father also lets us know that everyone we come in contact with is also literally is Elder anderson and Flavel say hi and they love you very much. our brother and sisters. We knew them before this life. Christ told the prophet Jeramiah of the Old Testament that he knew him before he was born and entered into the womb. We also knew our brothers and sisters before this life. ONe day in our lives we our going to run into someone and look them in the eyes and feel like we have known them our whole lives. This is not just a coincidence, it is because at one time before this temporary life on earth we did know them. Chances are we talked to them and walked with them, and told them exactly where we were going when we came to this earth. I know that when i told people up in heaven that i was going to be born into the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints that they grabbed on to me and told me to find them, and i promised them i would. I am not here on my mission to find people to join our church or to find people to baptize. I am here on my mission because i am going to find those who i made promises too even if i don't remember. But as i teach them and look into their eyes with the eyes of Christ i know that the veil will part and i will know that i am truly teaching my brothers and sisters. For everyone that is reading this message, i want you to know what i know. That Jesus Christ is the son of God, that he was sent down here to suffer for the sins that we have committed; all so we can return to our Loving Heavenly Father. Christ's Church is once again on this earth. Joseph Smith truly saw God the Father and HIs son Jesus Christ, and through there power once again established the true church on the earth. I love you all and yall can send me whatever yall want bye.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Wow was this week crazy and awesome. I absolutely loved conference! but i will answer all yall's questions first. Umm me and my companion are both going to Spokane as well as one of the hermanas in our district. so ya that is awesome. The other two hermanas are going to salt lake and the other two elders, the unnaturally tall ones are going to Seattle and San Fernando California. So experience of the week as zone leader. We had an Elder come meet with us and just talk about the troubles going on in their companionship, and how that day they hadn't even got to do companionship study because his companion is just one of those guys that likes to talk and to interact and have fun and stuff. So we talked to him, and he had said he had been praying every night that they would get along better and be able to do everything they are suppose to do. and in all honesty we have like 11 hours a day to study and if planned right and if you are enthusiastic about the work is almost not even enough time, so time is essential and there so many people who abuse it is crazy. And this elder in particular was trying to do everything but he had an Elder that was more enthusiastic about talking to other guys than doing the work. So it was no bueno. and so we told him to keep praying and i just felt that he needed and Elder Fantastico moment, and I told him that every day when he wakes up he needed to tell his companion that he loves him and also when he gets up in the morning. Because as you come to love your companion then yall will just work so much better with each other. And there was actually a devotional about this yesterday. And i can't remember the exact words cause i don't have my notes. But it was a 70 and he basically said that companionship is essential and it is based on love and unity. And that you have to LEARN to love your companion. And that just stuck out to me. Sometimes in life loving our companions isn't going to come in just a couple of days. It is sometimes a learning process in which it will take weeks to do so. Through prayer and serving them and just taking interest in them. And i learned that is also how missionary work works as well. Why would someone be interested in what you have to say if you are not interested in them. Essential.
Mom you won't be sent to jail though cause i got the air freshner just fine. Grandma I still have some cookies left and i am still considering them a life saver cause some days i am starving and am in dire need for a cookie. Alena you better not be talking to any guys. Jake Morley is the only exception. And do work in school cause i love you and i want you to do better than i did. Ya weird i know. But i have faith in the planner now and how it can help you. And i hope yall had fun at the movies. And that is so funny about Nate i love it! And yes alisa you beat angela in writing cause she has still not done so.
As for conference it was amazing. Personally my favorite talk was from Elder Uchtdorf about patience. That one just really hit home with the whole spanish thing right now. And make sure dad knows that for the fist time i did not fall asleep in Priesthood session though i think my companion may have. I didn't fall asleep in amy. I think the note taking really helps. And my words of advice is this, every time you are tired or distressed just tell yourself to remember HIm. it has worked for me. love yall all so much talk to you next week.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Elder Nelson

Here is Elder Nelson's latest email:

Hey Family! This week was really awesome and full of growing experinces! I am finally getting use to the schedule and even though I am still tired I have for the most part been able to lose myself and focus on the work. I also can say i am starting to get excited about spanish as I read my spanish book of mormon right next to my english one and it has really helped me a lot! My companion and i also got called to be the new zone leaders which is really crazy cause we were only here for one and half weeks when we were called. I love my companion and the spirit he brings with him. I just hate him cause he knows spanish better than me. jokes. But my love outweighs that by far and we work really good together. We taught this guy named areanas or something and as we were teaching him and prayed for the spirit i totally forgot that he was not a real investigator and the spirit literally just took over the lesson. The power behind Joseph Smith and the restoration as well as the atonement of Christ still amazes me every time we teach it. The devotionals here are truly amazing as well and we had a quoroum of the seventy come this sunday and he was really good. He broke down our call letters and preach my gospel. And he mention something really cool. When you are teaching an investigator you can't just ask them to pray. First you must let them know exactly what the Spirit is and capitalize on it. Because if you don't let them know who and how the holy Ghost will make you feel then they will just think that they are feeling just a good feeling and not necessarily the truth. And when you tell them as you are teaching them, this feeling that you have right now is the Holy ghost and i can promise you that as you pray about the truthfulness of the gopel you will feel this feeling again and again as you read and pray about the book of mormon. Awesome! I love it! K i am about out of time, but I saw both Josh decker and Jordan Houston. Amd mom I love you for sending the laundry detergent and boiled cookies. And grandma I love you too and those cookies were a gift from heaven. But ma if you could send me some febreeze or air freshner cause one of the elders feet reaks to high heavens and also some fingernail clippers and a gospel principles book. And alena that is so awesome about your patriarchal blessing. I love you so much and do good in shcool. AND let alisa and angela know that amanda is not the only missionary out now. I love you all and thank you so much for all of your prayers. bye.