Friday, April 30, 2010

April 21, 2010

This is my letter from last week. It said that it sent, but judging from yall's letters it must not have. As for my letter for this week i am sending it in the mail just in case the e-mail doesn't send again. I love yall so much and when does school end for Alena? do work sister!

Hola familia! sorry my letters haven't been that full of details because i have to be the slowest typer in the world and we only got thirty minutes and then the computer shuts off and it won't even send. but this week was awesome. My companion and i are still doing really well and the branch president had my companion and i do a companinoship invetory with the companionship in our district that are struggling. And we are doing this every day for a week. As for the highlights of the week, I would have to say the RC and the TE. Refferal Center and Teaching Evaluation. The RC is where you call real people (in english thank goodness) and you ask them if they recived ceartain things that they may have ordered and then just try to teach them about our church. I have only been to this twice and the first time i called over fifty people and not one answered the phone. So the second time we went it looked like it was going to be the same result. My companion is like i am going to make one more call and then we can leave, so I was like then I will make 3 more calls. So on the 2nd call a women answered and i asked if Charles was home because that was the man who i was suppose to be getting a hold of. And of course he was not, but i was like doubt i let a chance go by like this not to mention this was the first person that answered in close to a hundred phone calls. So i asked who she was and she said that she was the wife of this Charles. And i asked her if she had recived the finding faith in jesus christ dvd. And she said she had probably like two years ago. so then i just started talking to her about Christ. ANd she was awesome. She sounded like she was in her 50's probably and she was a devout baptist from South Carolina. ya fun stuff. So i asked her what she belived and then i told her what we belived while backing up everything i said with the scriptures. And after originally saying no to recieving a Book of Mormon to make a long story short 52 minutes later and lesson 1 and 2 of Preach my Gospel completed she said she wanted a book of mormon. Awesome i love this gospel and the power from it! But i also have a new respect for strong Christians outside of our church. Cause i realized that i was talking to her, there were many times when the doctrines that she believed to be true she didn't understand but yet she still had a firm faith in Christ. But this also gave me a new appreciation for prophets and for modern day revelation as well as the gift of the Holy Ghost and how for the most part i understand what i believe and i understand it because of my faith in the prophet, modern day revelation which faith is confirmed and assured by the power and gift of the Holy Ghost; who is the only thing on this earth that can confirm truth with 100% fact, except for my mother. And so this was just a really cool experience for me and really just got me fired up. And also at the TE i learned something important. THis week will be the first week that we have to teach in spanish, no bueno haha. But as we were teaching, we were stumbling words and the spirit was not really there and we were just trying to arugue and prove our points through the scriptures so we would have to do as little talking as possible. And the man at the TE stopped us and told us that while we taught that if the Holy Ghost would give us the words to speak, for the words which the Holy Ghost speaks can pierce the very soul. And i already knew this, but somewhere along this teaching practice i had figured that the holy ghost could only bear witness through me in english, and forgot the fact that the Holy Ghost is not constrained to any language and no matter how simple our knowledge of the language may be, the Holy Ghost works through our own simplicity and can bring power to our words. SO we started over and taught once more and the power of the spirit was unreal, even with my lack of language skills. I know the power of the Holy Ghost is real and that it beareth witness to all men that this is the gospel of Jesus Christ no matter what language they speak or culture they're from or backround they have. I love you all so much! Thank you so much for the goodies mom alena and grandma and grandpa. they are amazing. I love yall so much. and tell cha chi he will be gettin a letter probably on firday. k love you got to go now.

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