Thursday, April 1, 2010

Elder Nelson

Here is Elder Nelson's latest email:

Hey Family! This week was really awesome and full of growing experinces! I am finally getting use to the schedule and even though I am still tired I have for the most part been able to lose myself and focus on the work. I also can say i am starting to get excited about spanish as I read my spanish book of mormon right next to my english one and it has really helped me a lot! My companion and i also got called to be the new zone leaders which is really crazy cause we were only here for one and half weeks when we were called. I love my companion and the spirit he brings with him. I just hate him cause he knows spanish better than me. jokes. But my love outweighs that by far and we work really good together. We taught this guy named areanas or something and as we were teaching him and prayed for the spirit i totally forgot that he was not a real investigator and the spirit literally just took over the lesson. The power behind Joseph Smith and the restoration as well as the atonement of Christ still amazes me every time we teach it. The devotionals here are truly amazing as well and we had a quoroum of the seventy come this sunday and he was really good. He broke down our call letters and preach my gospel. And he mention something really cool. When you are teaching an investigator you can't just ask them to pray. First you must let them know exactly what the Spirit is and capitalize on it. Because if you don't let them know who and how the holy Ghost will make you feel then they will just think that they are feeling just a good feeling and not necessarily the truth. And when you tell them as you are teaching them, this feeling that you have right now is the Holy ghost and i can promise you that as you pray about the truthfulness of the gopel you will feel this feeling again and again as you read and pray about the book of mormon. Awesome! I love it! K i am about out of time, but I saw both Josh decker and Jordan Houston. Amd mom I love you for sending the laundry detergent and boiled cookies. And grandma I love you too and those cookies were a gift from heaven. But ma if you could send me some febreeze or air freshner cause one of the elders feet reaks to high heavens and also some fingernail clippers and a gospel principles book. And alena that is so awesome about your patriarchal blessing. I love you so much and do good in shcool. AND let alisa and angela know that amanda is not the only missionary out now. I love you all and thank you so much for all of your prayers. bye.

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  1. Ha! Ha! Ha! I LOVE this! especially his reasons for needing the air freshener....:P
    Sounds like Elder Nelson has his Mojo back....onward and upward!