Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oct. 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandpa! And before i forget i will answer the question that pops has asked for the past 3 weeks but I have always forgotten to answer. Well i should have rode my bike a lot more than i have so far . Like in Chelan we probably should have rode them quite a bit, but Elder Acosta was not exactly the bike riding type. Haha we rode it once down there for about a mile and we kinda went up this hill but it wasn't steep by any means; and by the end of it he kept on complaining that he had a heart attack, as well as having his system messed up the whole rest of the day. And so to make a long story short, we never rode our bikes again. And here in Warden we would ride it every day but since Elder Pound is a visa waiter for Mexico he does not have a bike and so we have not rode it here that much either. (Although we just got him a bike this week from somone in the ward and as soon as we can get him a helmet we will start riding them here.) Oh and also thanks so much for yall's prayers for the people here. Both Octaviano y Catalina showed up to conference, and so that was so awesome. Besides conference we have been so blessed this week with finding some really solid people. Alex Pruneda is so awesome! he is about 40 probably and has a family and everything, and we have had some really powerful lessons with him this week. We taught him the whole restoration and he was just loving it and opening up a ton. Both my comp and I bore some powerful testimonies and he started sharing all his experiences that he had and stuff. And then I invited him to be baptized and he was like ya! And right after we were at our spiritual high his whole family just walks in the door and are just so loud, and boom the spirit kinda left a bit. But we talked to him a little bit and he went on to explain how he would be baptized one day, whether that was in his church or our church he didn't know. Needless to say, he is not on date to be baptized, but he will be in the future, we just got to keep on bringing that spirit to him. So later that week we taught him again, and he starts telling about his long week at work and how he was talking to this guy he worked with and for whatever reason they got on the subject of religion. And he told this guy how God had blessed him so much by sending him over the guys, the mormon guys to talk to him about the word when he needed it a lot. But then this guy started telling him how the Mormon faith was not bad that they worshipped the same God and everything, but how it was totally wrong because the Bible says you can't add to it and if you did you were going to be cursed, and so basically if you ever became a Mormon you would be cursed. And so that really bothered him, and he didn't know what to think. And just some backround information for this day, because you can just see throughout the day God's hand was there and just making things happen at the right time. It was so crazy how everything worked out. There was twice where we showed up to someones house and they were not there, and right as we were fixing to leave they pulled up and we got to teach them. There was also twice where we felt like we needed to go to someones house at a specific time. And the first time was to a girl named Leti, who is so awesome and doing so good, and so we showed up at our house about 2 hours earlier than planned, and it was perfect because she had actually had something come up where she would be leaving in half an hour and so we would have missed her if we would have gone when planned. And then it was like 10 min before we had our scheduled lesson with Alex and we were debating if we should go over there right then or to go somewhere else for the next ten. And so we decided to look for a refferals house in which we did not have an address. And so we went to the managers house of this one apartment complex and they invited us an we taught them. But now we were half an hour late for Alex but we went over there anyway even though it is 8:35 at night and really hoping they aren't asleep (It gets dark here at 6 now and by winter it is supposed to be around 4. so lame, but its all good.) But we get there and his wife lets us in and like 52 seconds later he walks in having just gotten off work really late. And so once again it ended up being perfect timing. And he starts telling us about this guy at his work who had told them this. And I was like wow this really perfect timing and I knew that God had made everything happen and that if we had decided to not follow the small whisperings of the spirit we could have possibly left this question of his unanswered and too much time for the devil to work on him, because we would have never even seen him that night. But because we did we were able to read the verse with him in the book of revelations and address his concern, and just explain to him the importance of the Book of Mormon. And by the end he was like ya that makes so much sense now, and he was like I think I really need to watch this Prophet of yall's speak. Problem was he had work and so he was not able to watch it right then but we are going to watch it with him online here in the near future. But I am really excited for him and Leti and this other girl named Kayla whom we found this week as well as Octaviano y Catalina as well of course and Guadalupe too. The Lord has really opened up some doors here for him and his wife and us, and I think that if we capitalize on those he should be able to be baptized pretty soon as well. So keep up yall's prayer for him. Oh and by the way I think that one 70 should have had yall on the stand for mazizo parenting and being courageous parents. He was like reading off what the parents should do, and I am like yep they did that, oh yep they did that too. Although Mom i think you have gotten too soft. You are going to have to go Mazi on Alena again. Keep that girl in check. But that is all I got time for. I love yall so much. Keep praying for this area for me.