Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Wow was this week crazy and awesome. I absolutely loved conference! but i will answer all yall's questions first. Umm me and my companion are both going to Spokane as well as one of the hermanas in our district. so ya that is awesome. The other two hermanas are going to salt lake and the other two elders, the unnaturally tall ones are going to Seattle and San Fernando California. So experience of the week as zone leader. We had an Elder come meet with us and just talk about the troubles going on in their companionship, and how that day they hadn't even got to do companionship study because his companion is just one of those guys that likes to talk and to interact and have fun and stuff. So we talked to him, and he had said he had been praying every night that they would get along better and be able to do everything they are suppose to do. and in all honesty we have like 11 hours a day to study and if planned right and if you are enthusiastic about the work is almost not even enough time, so time is essential and there so many people who abuse it is crazy. And this elder in particular was trying to do everything but he had an Elder that was more enthusiastic about talking to other guys than doing the work. So it was no bueno. and so we told him to keep praying and i just felt that he needed and Elder Fantastico moment, and I told him that every day when he wakes up he needed to tell his companion that he loves him and also when he gets up in the morning. Because as you come to love your companion then yall will just work so much better with each other. And there was actually a devotional about this yesterday. And i can't remember the exact words cause i don't have my notes. But it was a 70 and he basically said that companionship is essential and it is based on love and unity. And that you have to LEARN to love your companion. And that just stuck out to me. Sometimes in life loving our companions isn't going to come in just a couple of days. It is sometimes a learning process in which it will take weeks to do so. Through prayer and serving them and just taking interest in them. And i learned that is also how missionary work works as well. Why would someone be interested in what you have to say if you are not interested in them. Essential.
Mom you won't be sent to jail though cause i got the air freshner just fine. Grandma I still have some cookies left and i am still considering them a life saver cause some days i am starving and am in dire need for a cookie. Alena you better not be talking to any guys. Jake Morley is the only exception. And do work in school cause i love you and i want you to do better than i did. Ya weird i know. But i have faith in the planner now and how it can help you. And i hope yall had fun at the movies. And that is so funny about Nate i love it! And yes alisa you beat angela in writing cause she has still not done so.
As for conference it was amazing. Personally my favorite talk was from Elder Uchtdorf about patience. That one just really hit home with the whole spanish thing right now. And make sure dad knows that for the fist time i did not fall asleep in Priesthood session though i think my companion may have. I didn't fall asleep in amy. I think the note taking really helps. And my words of advice is this, every time you are tired or distressed just tell yourself to remember HIm. it has worked for me. love yall all so much talk to you next week.

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