Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 23, 2011

hola familia!!!! Esta semana fue marvillosa! Tuvimos muchos milagros, bueno todo mi distrito tuvieron una buena semana llena con milagros. We had the baptismal interview with Josiah and he will being baptized in a couple weeks and is doing awesome! we might be playing baseball with him today if it doesn't rain. And then there is hermana lopez. She has just been trying and trying to push her date of baptism back and her husband told us last week that he doesn't want to be baptized anymore, although their kids were baptized just a couple of weeks ago, and they all go pretty much every Sunday. But I guess the husband wants his son to baptize him, but the son can't baptize him till another year when he turns 16, and she wanted to wait till her family came down sometime in July. And so we havent been able to teach the husband for about two weeks, just cause he is working a ton and if he is there is just way tired. But we taught hermana Lopez and she told us that she really wanted to be baptized but was thinking the 29th was too soon. And so we told her, that if God wanted her to be baptized on the 29th than that is what she needed to do. And so on this Sunday we all fasted; us and her and her sons in order to know if the 29th was the right day. And we broke our fast at her house with a carne asada. SOOOO GOOOD! And we shared a short message and as we were heading out the door, she told us... I want to be baptized, I know i can't keep pushing it back, I'll be baptized this Sunday. Such a miracle, and such a women with faith, and just a perfect example of the power of prayer and fasting. Also another cool story. This whole transfer I've made it a goal just to talk with EVERYONE. Like, people in soccer bleachers, people walking dogs, McDonalds workers, people closing the doors to their cars, and walking inside hospitals. I haven't been perfect at it, but I have tried to do the best I can; and well a couple of weeks ago, there was a women that was fixing to walk into the hospital, and I stopped her real fast and tried to really search for the spirit while I was contacting her. And it came...I didn't even really say anything different then what I would normally say, but the words I said, I could tell they were meant for her. She gave us her address, which resided in the zone leaders area, and that was that. Well this week on exchanges with zone leaders, I was in their area, and we were trying another referral that we had given them, but she was busy or something, and so we walked down the street, and there was a women outside watering her yawn. So we contacted her. She told us that she had briefly talked to some missionaries about two three weeks ago and asked them to come by. I then recognized her, and asked her her name again. I also recognized the name, as the same lady I had contacted at the hospital. Apparently the zone leaders had lost the address and hadn't tried her. But she said, hold on I want you to teach my kids... she grabbed her 3 boys told them to sit down and listen. They were awesome kids and came to church with the zone leaders the next day. So that was pretty cool. And an awesome testimony builder to me, that God truly puts people in our path, and prepares them to accept His gospel. But ya a lot of cool things happened this week. Hermana Lopez also gave us a referral to a family, whose mom wants that her kids go to our church, after they finish the first communion in the catholic church. And we taught them this week, and they too are just awesome, and hopefully will start coming to church in the next couple weeks. But ya this transfer has soared by! We get out calls this next week as well. Oh and this same family; their dad is crazy. they have this pet bull right. And the dad is just raising it so that he can ride it when it gets older. But I guess he just got straight fed up with it cause, every time he would get on it to ride it, the bull would just sit down and not move. So a couple of days ago he just cut it lose and just straight up stabbed it with his knife, so that they could use it for food. So now they have a ton of cow intestines in their sink and a whole fridge full of bull. pretty crazy stuff. well i love yall, have a good week!

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