Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 9, 2011

Ok entoces el regalo para Alena y tambien la carta y regalo para mama va a llegar en miercoles probablemente. Pero, Nick is lame i have most definitely worked... ok maybe not but now I am a work aholic. But ya definitaly have a long time to go holy cow. But ya sounds good. I was just thinking about that though because if there is nothing to do when I get home I am going to go absolutely crazy. But I don't know if there is any way I can get a job at like deseret books or anything, cause I just see these books all the time, and I am like oh man I want to read them so bad, but they aren't needed at this time in my life, so I will read them when I get back. But anyways. So one thing that I just love about hispanics is that they are 7 times out of ten willing to just feed you when they are having una fiesta. You say you are hungry and you have become part of the party. De hecho hay muchos misioners que no planean una hora para cenar porque creen que van a encontrar hispanos que estan comiendo. And so this week I had grilled oysters for the first time. I am not going to say that I am a fan, but they tasted better than they looked. I also got gold glitter all over my hair and helmet cause a little girl decided to steal my helmet and run off with it. And sis. gerber the lady we live with, asked us to help her cooking on Sunday, and I went 3 for 3 on butchering everything. Oh it was somewhat funny but man I felt way bad. Who would have known that mayonnaise and miracle whip are not the same thing, or that pie filling burns if you are not stirring it constantly, or when she asked me if I could clean the seeds out of the pitcher that she did not mean just get rid of all the lemon juice that she had just squeezed in there. Ya i guess i am not the best man to have in the kitchen. But as for the missionary work of things we had a way good week. We are starting to get a lot of potentials and teaching a lot and so that is way good. We have made it a goal to use the book of mormon in our contacts and holy cow is just works miracles. you get to see peoples immediate concerns or peoples interest just increases and then it is just an amazing opportunity to testify and bring in the spirit. And there was also this youth conference that my companion and I taught at and all the youth wrote down their testimonies in the books that we are giving out. So that was pretty cool. We also got a couple referrals out of it and taught 3 non members that came with their friends, which was pretty cool. But ya it was a way good week. And I love yall so much and it was so awesome hearing yall; and have an awesome week.

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