Monday, June 13, 2011

June 6, 2011

Well this week was way good. But i guess some comments beforehand. congratulations Alisa! that is so awesome that I got a new niece. And also I felt impressed that I needed to pray that you had peace cause i had feeling that you were somewhat stressed. And well it sounds like you may have been a little stressed this week haha. And i just got the letter from Payden and Cha Chi today. And so I will probably send them both a letter next week. But Holy Cow this week was awesome. My new Companion is Elder Salomon from Mexico City. He is a stud. He is somewhat scared to talk in english with people, but he is a powerhouse in spanish. But ya i really want to help him with his english, but we just don't have any english investigators right now. And so that is something that I hope we can start doing this week. Cause we definitely need to teach more english people. But the familia Lopes got baptized and confirmed this week as well as Josiah which was way awesome. But now we're back to nobody on date, but I know if we work like it all depends on us and expect miracles like they all depend on God, that the windows of heaven will be opened and we will see and find people who are ready. But I don't have my planner on me so I am failing at remembering what happened this week. But ya this week was way good, and I love yall so much; have an awesome week.

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