Sunday, July 3, 2011

June 27, 2011

I really liked that talk mom about the difference between to do and to be. You think that you could send it to me? It was crazy because that is what I studied in my personal study to day. I was reflecting on how come there is always sometime during the week that I will forget my purpose, by either becoming irritated with an individual, or by thinking too much about numbers, by procrastinating doing something or just being complacent about where I am at. And just like everything, if I am not consistently striving for the spirit and trying to build my testimony, then my spiritual awareness and testimony will begin to shrink. And so I started just really pondering on the things that I failed to do this week, that may have impeded me from becoming closer who God wants me to be, and what he wants me to accomplish. So the first things that popped in my head, was my goal to becoming sanctified; i had neglected to check myself on it this whole entire week; my journal, I had missed like four to five days this week; I had failed to read my patriarchal blessing and other things that I had failed to do. And so then I started making goals for this week; a to do list- so that I would be able to have the spirit with me. So I decided to take the advice of Elder Montagoose and just begin by making a list of miracles that happen every day. But then it hit me... the goals or things that I will be doing this week, MUST be more than a check off list too me, or the progress to what I really want; to be sanctified, will be very little. I think that is why the word remember is said to be the most important word in all of scripture. We don't become who God wants us to be by making a to do list, but rather, by making a to do list and remembering each and every day to ask ourselves, is this helping me become who God wants me to become? And so that is definitely something that I learned this week. But man this week we were really just blessed to find some prepared people, and to also use our members to help us. I love it when we can take a member that is somewhat less active in the church and somewhat battling with some testimony issues, and help him see the miracles and spirit of missionary work. And they come up to you on Sunday, and they're just asking about the investigators they taught, how they're doing and if there is anything that they can do to help them out and stuff like that. And I think that is the key to all of missionary work; when the members, get to know the people you are teaching and it ignites a flame in them to have their own missionary experiences. Its an awesome thing. But I got to get going. I love yall so much and have an awesome week!

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