Friday, July 8, 2011

July 5, 2011

 I want to thank Elder Montagoose, because his insight with his companion about writing daily miracles just completely changed me this week. Well we had a lot of miracles this week. One of them was a guy named Fernando Dominguez. The lesson was a testimony to me that God answers prayers and is helping us everyday to find the prepared. He had prayed the night before to have God help him change his life around and then we showed up. He was way interested, and the spirit was very strong. We invited him to pray right then and there to find out if Joseph Smith was a prophet. He did, and the spirit filled the room. He accepted a baptismal date, and filled out a calendar of what he needed to do to prepare himself to be baptized. It was amazing and such a miracle. Another miracle that I experienced this week was to hear the power of my comps testimony of how the gospel blesses his family and the example his dad was for him. I loved it and I know my comps and I desire to share the gospel just sparked. I've decided that miracles come in all shapes and forms, and if all we think of miracles is that they're this giant manifestation of the extraordinary, then we are missing out on so many of God's little blessings. And miracles truly seem to happen once in a lifetime. And when that happens our faith in miracles is diminished, and with the diminishing of faith, comes the diminishing of miracles. But if we learn to accept little miracles, and we learn to recognize them, then our faith in miracles happening increases, and by small and small increments of faith leads to the ability to witness the ministering of angels, the moving of mountains, and to someone that has full and complete trust in their father in heaven. When we have faith, we trust God. I love in Ether, when it is talking about his sanctifying process, I believe it is in verse 17 it says, how his worries were no more, for he knew it was all in God's hands. I am not there yet, I am not going to lie; but I am working on it and by recognizing the daily miracles and by growing in my faith of God, I know I can get there one day. But ya, its crazy we are meeting just so many awesome people, now they just need to come to church haha. But It will happen this week. Well I love yall so much, and I hope yall have an awesome week!

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