Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011

Oh man I love that story about Zekiel. But man I just love being Mormon. That's what I decided this week. This Sunday the Bishop and us made a shoutout for families to help us do this questionare about families, Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon. And it was just 4 questions that the members would ask people as they went out and knocked doors for an hour and a half or an hour. And so we invited them to do this questionaire this Sunday at 4. And It was cool because like 22 people showed up at 4 still dressed in their church clothes and just ready to do missionary work. It was just something really cool to see, that us as missionaries are not the only ones trying to carry out God's work; and that the members were ready to give time out of their day to help the missionary work. We ended up getting 18 new people to go and try to visit this week. As well as some amazing like testimonies/experiences that they had while doing it. One of the moms said, man that was just a huge hurdle for me to walk up to a door and know already who it was that was going to answer, and then ask them questions about the gospel...But it was way fun, and my understanding and testimony of missionary work has grown. A couple of the young women told us how they ran into some spanish people, and how God had blessed them to understand what they were saying; like total gift of tounges. And then other people were just way pumped cause they had found someone that was just way interested and wanted to know a lot more. So ya that was just a way cool thing for me to see. And also we found some really prepared people through nuestros propios esfuerzos tambien, and through inspiracion. But ya we were teaching this guy named Steve and just had a couple questions about the plan of salvation and Adam and Eve. And so we flipped open to 2 Nefi 2 and just read; and then he would ask another question, and we would ask him to read the next verse, and boom there was his answer. Like no joke this happened at least 5 times where he would ask a question and it would be in the next verse. And then he asked about infant baptism and so we went to Moroni 8. And the whole lesson was like question, Book of Mormon, answer and testimony. But man the Book of Mormon just has it all. Any sincere question that anyone has about anything really, there is an answer to it in the Book of Mormon. I also found out this week, that I  have so much to improve on that it is ridiculous. I don't know how many authority arguments that we got into this week. Well I just don't see a difference between your church and mine... Well the difference is that we have a prophet who holds the authority, and you can see here in the bible... Why should I be baptized in your church when I already have been baptized...Well our church has the authority to baptize and where does your churches authority to baptize come from?  Which is true, and also pretty bold, but most definitely boldness without love is equal to offensive and defensive. So I've been thinking a lot about it, and how I can address this concern that so many people have, but do it in a way that they do not become offended or defensive. And I think I have come up with an answer; actually a couple of them, But that is everyones homework this weekend. What is the difference if I join your church or If I stay in my own church? How could we respond to this concern, without trying to convince them intellectually and with a hundred different scriptures on authority? I love yall so much! Have a good week

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