Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nov. 14, 2011

Thanks for all ths scriptures mom. And that is way too crazy that the grandparents are changing houses and everything! But ya this was transfer week and I am moving. Kind of a sad thought seeing how we have just seen too many miracles to count these past couple weeks, but I'll just have to go and see miracles in Spokane. I am actually going english ZL and trainer so it will be a threesome which is super legit. My companion zone leader is Eler Lubina and we will pick up the new missionary tomorrow. But I really hope I don't lose my spanish, because with the new missionary program they have I won't even be able to have a language study. But I will just read all in spanish during my personal so it will be good. But holy miracles this week. There is nothing like teaching families and having them come to church. The Barrera family all came to church which was so awesome, because she just has so much potential (she's the one we helped pray for the first time out loud); the husband is a LA that still has a way strong testimony that this is the true church; but went inactive because of a couple reasons. And also this week; I don't know if I ever mentioned the family that we found right on the border of our mission; the Lopez's. But we were teaching them last thursday, and we had a really good lesson with them and then we invited them to be baptized and the husband just said flat out No. But they're an awesome family and accepted a church tour with us on Saturday. So they drive over 14 miles to get to our church and then we take them through and explain our beliefs and a typical sunday and at the end we taught them the lesson of the restoration. It was super sweet, and the whole time I know we need to invite them to be baptized again, and I felt pretty nervous cause we had invited them 2 nights before and they said no. But we come to the end of the lesson, and I bore my testimony on the fruits of the spirit, and invite him to pray right then and there and ask God if him and his family should be baptized on the 17th of December. He said he didn't know how, so I gave him an example and prayed that they would receive an answer from the holy ghost. He said ok, I'll do it. His family knelt down, and he began to pray for him and his family to know the will of God. The spirit of God filled the room. I said hermano Lopez, "como se siente?" y el me dijo," me siento bien, y estoy lleno de paz" and then he looked at his wife who was just smiling. Then I asked Hna Lopez, "how do you feel?" She said "I feel good too." I replied that I did as well, and invited them to be baptized. He said that is what they would work and pray for. !Que tan chido es la obra misional! The spirit was so strong. They will be coming to church this next Sunday as well as the familia Barrera again, and also another family that we are working with, who got invited to come by our bishop, who just thanked us today for paving the way. I guess the person that works his front desk, Lily told him that we are teaching them. So there was just so many miracles, and I guess that God wanted me to see those here and go start some more on the english side. Also a cool thought... I have a son in Mexico, a son on the spanish side of the mission, and now on the english side. I thought that was pretty cool. But I love yall so much and thank yall for everything; I know these miracles would have never happened w/o your prayers. have a good week

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