Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oct. 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!! I am thinking that I might dress up as Elder Jones today for my costume, but that might just be too scary. But this week was pretty fun. I got your awesome package mama! Thank you so much for that. And So I got all those awesome blank halloween cards and my companion and I were just like well what are we going to do with these. And so we decided to make a bunch of cookies and write thank you notes to all those members that have really helped us this transfer. And it was really cool. And this week was also good because we had a family come to church, that were former investigators that have not come in over a year. But they left somewhat early because I think they were a little embarrassed of their kids acting up. And so that wasn't too cool, but what can you do? But God has been blessing us so much, through the members our ward. they have been so fired up about giving us referrals, and it is just so awesome hopefully they will turn into new investigators here shortly. But you know I am really thinking that I should be more thankful and just really have a more deep sense of gratitude. I have tried to make it a goal recently to just be one of those joyful missionaries that are always smiling and just always having a good attitude about everything. And it really does make a huge difference; and I think that really just being grateful will help me that much more. So thank you soo much family for the e mails every week, amd mom for the longer emails every week, and all the packages that really make my day, and grandma and grandpa for always writing me every week, and for the bachelor family who are always kind enough to send me letters in the mail, as well as the Tennys. And just everybody else! I love yall so much and thank yall for everything.

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