Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 18, 2011

Happy homecoming sister. I am pretty sure that I wrote you on your missionary e-mail, but i am not sure if you got it or not. But ya also before I forget, if you could email me chachs mission address that would be awesome, because i got a letter from him, 2 or 3 weeks ago and am afraid if i send the letter now he probably won't receive it. This week was so awesome. We are or were teaching this guy named Rodrigo ( I am being transferred to Othello to second train and be a district leader again), but I am pretty sure i have mentioned him before, but he is just so golden. He has came to church the last three weeks, reading the book of mormon daily and is praying to God to help him to be baptized on May 7th. Just a stud; in fact I have been so blessed here in Spokane with God just sending us to the golden investigators here in Spokane. It was crazy... granted we had 7 or more of them move, 3 of them being without a doubt baptisms; but a miracle none the less. But ya so Rodrigo is actually living with a less active member named tammy who speaks very little spanish, and he doesnt speak hardly any english; but for whatever reason this is a common occurence here in Washington, no se por que. But they are not married either, and so we went over this week to teach them the law of chasity, and were exicted to invite them to live it. But it turns out he is still married to una mujer esta en mexico que no tiene ganas para divorciarse para nada. Una situacion dificil pero tambien muy common aqui. But we told them that basically there was two decisions... separate, be baptized, and eventually be married after the divorce in mexico is resolved; or wait for who knows how long for the divorce and then be baptized. Then we told them to pray about it and truly seek for an answer, without a pre answer already in their head, and that God would help them know what is to be done. And they came to church, and have been praying, and so hopefully they have been looking for an answer as well. But I will be leaving tomorrow morning, so I probably wont see them for a while, but I hope everything goes well for them. I am also just way excited for my new area in Othello. I think I am staying in the house where yall saw me shucking corn that one time. But ya I am so ready to see some more miracles here in this other area. And if yall could give thanks to the almquist family, they sent me this awesome book with a bunch of conversion stories, and testimonies of everyone in our ward back home; and that was just amazing to see and to read it. I learned a ton. I really liked what Bro. King said, about how attitude is a manifestation of ones faith. How on his mission he just prayed for the ability to always smile and have a good attitude. And it just hit me when I read it. Because I definately know that I have a strong testimony, and mucho fe, but I don't smile all that much. And It is just another thing that I lack and can improve to my future strength list. I mean people need to see me as a representative of Jesus Christ. And as a representative of Jesus Christ I should be smiling all the time. And then dad's testimony about his first fireball missionary companion; and even more now because I have the opportunity to go into to a new area with a new missionary and I am just going to hit the ground running. Oh I am so pumped and ready to go. But I thank everybody in the ward for their testimonies and prayers. And I love yall so much. I know that this work I am doing is the work of God. Yo se que nuestra familia es eterna y vamos a vivir juntos en la presencia de Dios un dia. Y yo se que soy un discipulo de Jesucristo el hijo de Dios, y he sido llamado por el para declarar su palabra entre su pueblo, para que ellos puedan tener la vida eterna. Les Amo. Y diga amanda para escribirme en espanol. Gracias. Tengan una buena semana!

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