Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 4, 2011

Wow that is crazy. *President Condon is the branch president that I am in right now, and Hna driggs, although I don't know her personally I have heard of her. Small world. But ya conference like always was just so awesome and uplifting. I watched 2 whole sessions in spanish for the first time ever, which is good and a little bad. My spanish still is not that good, and so although I understood everything, I wasn't able to keep notes, because everytime I wrote something down I got lost. But its all good because I got tons of notes from the first three as well as I will be able to read the talks in not too long. But it was also way good that I watched it in spanish because that means that we had investigators watching it with us. We were beyond blessed with our investigators coming to watch the conference with us ( 6 investigators! ), which was so awesome because that is what we were focusing and praying so hard about. Just another example of how this is God's work and He is answering our prayers. But ya i don't have all that much time today to write. But I do love yall so much and thanks yall for your prayers. Have an awesome week

*My best friend from high school is in town and came to visit me a couple of days ago (Nedra Anderson's daughter) and she lives in Spokane. She was telling me that the branch president of the Spanish branch is a member of her ward and so Ty might know him. She also said that one of her roommates from college had a daughter that was called to serve in Spokane and was wondering if Ty might know her. That is what he is talking about with Pres. Condon and Hna Driggs.

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