Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 11, 2011

Well that is just awesome mom that you were able to recognize the hand and help of God throughout the week; it is something that I personally have been striving and praying to see these last couple days. For me it is easier to see the hand of God when things are going bad but then miracles start happening, but I think sometimes we get a little cocky and we start giving ourselves credit, and then we lose sight of who was the one that got us to that point. I know I have that weakness as a missionary. We have a good week, and I start thinking, well we did it because we had set awesome goals, we had worked hard, we had a bomb lesson, or we did so well following up, and just taught the gospel like pros. But that isn't true at all. We had a good week because we set goals by the spirit, we worked diligently because we love our Heavenly Father, and all of His children, we followed the Spirit in the lesson, we applied the commandments that God has given us, and recognized that God knows the needs of his children, and us not so much. Recognizing God and the Spirit in all things is just so crucial. Giving ourselves credit, is a giant stumbling block; because as soon as we do that we give ourselves credit to a work which is not even ours. W/O the spirit and God, we wouldn't have the ability to have done any of the things which we did. I have recently learned that I do things, not just to get the spirit to teach, but because I love God, and I begin to see that he loves everyone so much, and my desire is to have everyone to return to his presence. The Spirit then becomes a bifactor of this higher desire. Seeking for the Spirit of God, is just another way of saying, learning to recognize and develop the love of God for yourself and for all those around you. This week we were blessed to have our investigator Rodrigo accept una fecha de bautismal/ He is doing so good to prepare himself to be baptized.\, by reading praying and coming to church. Brenda also came for the first time, and it was just so awesome to see her there. By the end of this week she too should be preparing for baptism. Right now we have a pretty small teaching pool, in other words, we have giant opportunity to recognize the hand of God, and follow the Holy spirit. I am really excited for this week. I have no idea how we are going to find more people, it almost feels like we have talked to all the hispanics here in spokane; but I know we will, and it won't be anything I do or my companion. But I know this God's work, and he wants to find, teach and prepare His children for baptism, and so that is what He is going to help us do. I don't know how much time I have left in Spokane, because transfers are this week, but wether i have a week of 7 more weeks here in this area, I will see miracles from God. I thank yall so much for your prayers and examples to me and I love yall so much. Have a fantastic week!

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