Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mar. 29, 2011

So this week was was way good. I had the opportunity to go to the temple for the first time since I have left the MTC. Holy Cow it is was so amazing. I just walked in and I knew that it was God's house and that I was being sanctified, and it was just so awesome. This week I read a talk called being purified and it just hit me so hard, and ringed so true. And I will just give a quick summary of it...When this guy was on his mission, he and his companion had received a member refferral and went over to the members house a couple days later to teach this lady. It was a completely normal lession about the restoration, and at the end him and his companion bore testimony about the profet joseph smith and then asked the member to bear his testimony. The old man then turned to the lady and looked her in the eye, and said, I know that Joseph Smith was and is a profet of God. the lady started to cry and the spirit filled the room. The missionaries went home and asked each other, what was the difference? they had said they exact same thing, but for whatever reason, when he said it, it was filled with power. Obviously it was the Holy Ghost, but why did this man have it so strong. The missionary went to the scriptures and he prayed in order to find out. A week later they had a meeting with another church leader, once again the spirit filled the room as he shared his simple tesitmony. The missionary decided to wait for the room to clear and went up to him, and asked what he was missing. The man looked him in his eyes for a minute and then for two minutes, and finally spoke; When you see that pretty girl walk by you, what do you think? Do you wake up at 6 am every morning? Do you obey every mission rule? his questions continued to flow. And then he said to the Elder if you want to have power, fast, and during that day, wirte down every single thing pokes at your spirit. At the end of the day review what you wrote down with God. Then make a covenant with God for forty days you will fast or refrain from everything that is on that list. The story goes on to say how he truly became purified, how he wrote down things that he didn't even think were wrong, but at the end of the 40 days; miracles just happened. he was sensitive to every prompting of the Holy Ghost, him and his companion had spiritual manifestations for their investigators every day. Many Baptisms followed, but the numbers didn't hold any significance, but they literally had become one in purpose with God and His will. Now I personally have not started to do this, but I am going to here in the next couple weeks. I have already grown to know so many things onmy mission, but I am ready to become purified and a hundred percent the tool that I am suppose to be in the hands of God. I love yall so much and thank yall for everything. have a good week!

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