Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 21, 2011

No the address is still the same. Grandapas letter didn't make it to me, because He sent it to my Warden address, and I had left the week before Christmas from Warden to Spokane, and the warden elders just never sent it to me. Ok so this week was way good. Although more crazy news. Our investigator Braulio, is now moving to New York in 2 days! I don't know how it is possible. But it's all good, we were just sending all these way prepared people around the U.S. to be baptized. But everytime we do, God lets us know that he cares about us, and this area, by showing us more and more prepared people. I mean it is just a testimony builder in verdad. because it is the exact same team around the world for sure, but it is always the exact same game as well. Faith. That is all there is to it. One door closes, and another one opens, or maybe even two. Sure, it still amazes me how many amazing people have just decided to move on us, haha, but even more amazing is how everyone says, oh there is no hispanics in spokane, and I say cool that means more miracles, and then I just see the miracles just happen as God blesses us every week with more of His children He has prepared. And this is soley just an example of the miracles of God, and not putting me up or anything I do, but before this area was averaging like 4-6 new investigators a transfer, and we have been averaging 3 to 4 every week. It is just so humbling, and amazing how much God wants to do for us, but that is depended on our actions and our faith. My companion is just a man of faith and dedication, and he helps my faith a ton, and together we receive the blessings of God. Unfortunately we will not be seeing the baptism of Alex, but he is converted (It is just awesome how you see the gospel change peoples lives; from breaking every commandment, but wanting happiness, to living all the commandments and finding happiness. From showing show up to church the first Sunday in a pair of Jeans and a shirt; to saving money to buy a white shirt, coat, pants and tie) Just awesome experiences. But with the News of all these people leaving, we have also found 3 new families and many prepared individuals that have a desire to know. I am still praying with all my heart I can see the fruits of my labors through a baptism, but that will depend on the Lord and I am completely fine with that. Cause I feel the spirit when I teach, and I have seen the hand of God in this work, and I would be a fool to say otherwise. I know I have been a part of changing peoples lives, and I know I will see baptisms here in the future. I love yall so much and thank yall for the prayers. Have an awesome week!

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