Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mar. 7, 2011

I love being a missionary. I love the lessons I have learned, and am still learning. I have learned that often times when I began to think someone was prideful, alot of it had to do with my own pride. I have learned that answers to prayers come through other people, the scriptures, church, and that we recognize the answers through the power of the Holy Ghost. I have learned that having the Holy Ghost is essencial to missionary work, and essencial to having the spirit is virtue and charity and love. I have learned that having a testimony to the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not enough, but rather we must be converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. There are many instances where we are frustrated as missionaries; I have learned that being frustrated and dismayed with my investigators and with myself is one of the biggest tools of Satan. Being truly converted does not mean we are never saddened, but it does mean that we are never angry. We understand the joy of the Gospel, and the purpose we have as missionaries; we understand that many times hard times are a prerequisite of miracles. I have been so blessed with this throughout my mission. I have also learned, that if I cannot learn to love my companion, then I also can not fully love and appreciate my savior Jesus Christ. It is crazy how those go hand and hand with each other. This week was a really good week. I knew that this might be a faith tester for our investigator Alex; as we had planned to teach him both the palabra de sabiduria y tambien the ley de castidad (WOW and CHASITY). He has done everything wrong with the WOW and is living with his girlfriend, who refuses to even pray with us. We prepared a lot for both of these lessons. We taught the WOW first. We went by 2 days later, and asked him if he was living it. He said that after he got done reading the pamphlet, he committed himself to live it. We taught him the law of chasity next and this one was a way hard one for him. He told us he would talk to his girlfriend that night. He fasted and came to church with us this Sunday. He said he recieved an answer to his prayers. He does not make enough money to get an apartment on his own, in order to live the law fo chasity, and so he will be moving to Seattle in the next couple of weeks with his cousin in order to be baptized. He has already called his cousins to ask him for the direction of the church. He is amazing. The definition of a conversion, and is just such a miracle. I am little sad that i might not see his baptism but I am excited for him. and i love this gospel. I love yall so much and have a good week

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