Monday, August 1, 2011

July 25, 2011

This week was so good. And ya I most definitely wrote a letter to elder montagoose but I just haven't sent it. And so if I send it now he probably won't get it... so I will send it to you and maybe he will get it when he gets back. But we are just teaching so many awesome humble people right now. A lot of them are scared of going to church, and so we set up just like a church tour with seven of them so that they could see what the church looked like and we could show them where everything was at and just try to make them feel comfortable and let them feel the spirit that is in the church. Well only Steve and Selene came, but it was awesome, because they ended up coming to church the next day as well, and feeling the spirit. I think that one thing that I learned from that church tour is just the importance of silence and the role of the spirit. A lot of the times we ruin the spirit by talking, even if what we are talking about is something good and true. There are places and times where the spirit of God talks to our spirit and in these moments, we should be silent and listen, rather than talk. Often we lose many promptings of the spirit because we do or say the first thing that pops in our mind, without asking God in our minds, is there something more that I should learn here or something else i should do. But when we learn that God speaks to us little by little and precept by precept, then we can sit back and learn to understand the still small voice of the Holy Ghost. For me it has just made such the difference with investigators that really don't understand the purpose of a principle, or action such as prayer and going to church. Bear testimony, invite, wait, ignore their first answer haha and wait for the spirit to work on them... and always their answers will either change; or you will discover a real concern that they have. Its so amazing how the spirit works and how really you cannot teach without it. But ya its been an awesome week. Love yall have a good week

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