Monday, October 24, 2011

Oct. 10, 2011

So this week was really good. My new companion is Elder Jones, and well he came in and pretty much went clean madness and organize madness on our area. Which is a way good thing, but man I was stressed out for a while, because he was like why is this like this and why is that like that? But man I am excited because I am going to learn a lot from him. I am really going to try to adapt these traits, Because heaven knows Elder Nelson needs organization, and well now God has put a way for me to learn it. But we really did have so many miracles this week. One just happened about a couple of hours ago. Well we were cleaning out our car, apparently that was a disaster as well haha, and it got looking good, and we were fixing to hop on in to go shopping and well...the car does not start. Awesome, so we were like what are we going to do? We are a good 8 miles out of town and everyone is working right now. So we call the members who we live with, who are out on some mountain hiking, but they called us and said we could use their car to jump start our car. But we are not allowed to drive anyone's car and so we have to put it in neutral and push. So finally, everything is set up and our car is connected to this giant deisel truck, and it's been running for a good five to ten minutes...and nothing. So we start running the gas pedal in the truck and we started to turn our car again... and can you guess what happened then...nothing. So I am starving and I go make us some sandwhiches, and Elder Jones is like we should pray. And so we prayed and I was like Heavenly Father I don't know if it is the gas or a fuse or what, but whatever it is you can make it work. And so we both just knew it was going to work this time. So we went out and we turned the key and boom it started. Miracles! But also another cool miracle was with Johnny who needed to come to church this Sunday or he would not be able to get baptized. But it's his sister's birthday party down in Spokane and his whole family is going, and it's like in a casino with beer all over the place, to watch a comedian! Oh ya this is happening Saturday. Not good. Wait he is planning to ride with his family down there. Not good. Because they're not coming back till Sunday night. So he tries to sell his ticket and can't so he leaves, but tells us that he has been lent some money and is going to drive, so everything's good. Sunday rolls around and the church starts at ten. Call him at 9:30 NO Answer.  He is not there at 10. 10:05... Worried out of our minds. 10:07 We are losing hope and decide to drive to his house and see if he's possibly there. And then we see Bro. Mccann and he had also driven there to pick him up and Johnny came out and we were like YES! He got there as they were passing the Sacrament and will be getting baptized this week! I love it. We also had a miracle with him this week, because last week he just kept falling back into coffee, and so this Monday he fasted. Tuesday morning comes and he really wants coffee, but decides to eat breakfast. He then said that after he finished the temptation left and hasn't had the urge since! Fasting + Faith = Miracles. I love yall! Thank yor for your prayers. Have a good week.

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