Monday, October 24, 2011

Oct. 17, 2011

This week was awesome! Johnny was baptized and confirmed and the work is looking good. There was just so many miracles that happened with him as he got ready to be baptized these last couple of weeks. His parents and the rest of his family were not supportive and so it definitely wasn't an easy decision for him. But one of his sisters who is way awesome and pretty supportive agreed to come to the baptism and the spirit was just so strong in the service. And she was crying and he was crying and the members were crying and she is now listening to the sister missionaries, which is way awesome. But the Lord had been really blessing us. We have recieved a couple referrals from both the bishop in the ingles ward and the spanish ward, and we contacted the one from ingles and he is way awesome, and will be baptized. And then we have a home court at the bishop's house tonight and so that is awesome. But ya. I thank yall for your prayers. And if yall were wondering if you trap a spider with a fly in a cup, nothing happens. We were positive the spider was going to eat it but it didn't happen.

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