Monday, October 24, 2011

Sept. 19, 2011

Well this week was really good. I love miracles! I love investigators that pray! I love being a missionary! We also went to the fair this week! Not to mess around though... we mad a booth. Bien chevere ?No? Speaking of yall should definitely make a profile. But ya I am pretty sure I felt like a bum, because everyone that walked passed out booth just looked the other way and walked to the other side. It was kinda funny, but it was a shame because we didn't have all that much success with it. It was a good idea though. But I did have one of the most powerful lessons in all my mission this week as well. We did a church tour with one of our investigators. It's more than just a tour though; it's a pretty inspired program, that allows us to basically have a lesson in the church. They're pretty sweet. And after the tour we invited him to listen to us for another fifteen minutes so that we could explain how that authority to baptized had been restored. And he was like ya I really want to know about that. So we taught him the restoration and the spirit was just so strong! And then we invited him to pray right then and there to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. He knelt down and asked a sincere prayer in which he said; God, send me a sign to know if Joseph Smith truly received the authority to baptize? The spirit filled the room, we asked him how he felt; and he responded by saying, that God had answered him. He told us he needed to sit down. Now just a little background info about him, is that he has came to half of church once (Not Sacrament) as well as a baptism, but when asked to be baptized he always says no because his wife is not interested and he wont get baptized without her. But we invited him to be baptized and he said, I know God just told me that I have to; and I don't know how it's going to work, but I am willing to be baptized. It was so powerful in that room! Another awesome story was with our investigator Johnny who when we went over to teach the plan of salvation too he had read the pamphlet that we left with him. He then tells how he really didn't want to be deceived and so he had prayed with all of his heart before he read it so that God would tell him if it was true or not. He then went on to say, how he knew it was true without a doubt, and then taught us the whole thing, and how he wanted to go to the celestial kingdom. Then the nest day we went over there and we had assigned him to read 2 Nephi 31. He said I read it, and before I did I prayed about it, and God told me that I needed to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, but before I got that, I need to be baptized! How massiso is that! Oh so many miracles, I love it.But this week was really I good. I love yall and I thank yall for your prayers. Alena I did not have that one teacher, an I will definitely read that talk, and I am going to write payden. But have an awesome week!

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