Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dec. 5, 2011

Thanks a ton for the package! Hey can yall pray for my companion's mom. (Elder Lubina) She's not very supprotive of him, and he received a really hard letter from her today. But as for the week; it was so awesome. All three of our investigators with baptismal dates came this Sunday to church and it was sweet. Sis. Robbins bore her testimony and told everyone how she knew the chuch was true and shared a missionary experience that she had with her granddaughter that happened while we were teaching her. I think her grand daughter is 16 and is dating a mormon young man. Well she called sis robbins in the middle of our lesson, and Sis Robbins told her how she was having a study with the mormon missionaries, and then told her how she was being baptized on the 17th of Dec. And she just began to tear up as she invited her to come and see it. And her grand daughter said that she definately would and said how she sees herself taking that same step in the near future. And she has just been telling everyone about her baptism and it has been amazing to see. It's just so cool to teach someone that has received a true witness that Joseph Smith is a prophet and then connect all the dots that follow; the word of wisdom, the true church, the priesthood and the ordinances that must be performed. We had showed her a picture in the church of John the Baptist baptizing Christ and, explained that Jesus went to him becasue he knew that he had been called of God and had been given the authority to baptize. To which she responded..."And that's why I need to be baptized again; because my other baptisms were done by false churches withouth the correct authority."  She is so awesome and just is doing so well. Mandy is also doing really well. She has realy been putting baptism as her priority. She called all her friends and told them that she was quitting the pills. And she finally came to all three hours of church for the very first time. She's come to church I think 4 times now, but only the first two hours. We watched the movie the church made about "The touch of the master's hand" and it was so awesome and I think it helped her understand how much she was worth to God, compared to her friends. I liked the video because it was interesting to note that the person who owned the violin, in the beggining cherished it but with time neglected it. It became more battered and scarred with every person that owned it. The people that bought it would try to fix it up, but with no eventually was neglected once again. In the end it was priced to the world at three dollars. Then from the room far back, a gray haired man, came forward and picked up the bow. As the master came, fixed the violin and showed the foolish crowd the people began to see the worth of the violin not in the eyes of the world, but in the eyes of its creator...ifinite. Many people go to the world to fix the problems; it seems to solve the problem...but with time they too are forgotten and set aside as naught. It doesn't matter how many times we go to the world with our problems, they will never be fixed, and our worth is dimished. But if we go to the master, and partake of his atoning sacrifice, his touch will heal our many wounds, and we see our infinite worth as well as the worth of others. So she is doing well, and should be having her interview this week for baptism. We also took a drunk guy on a church tour, which was kind of frustrating seeing how we told him to not drink befroe he came, and he did anyways. I guess I should have tried to see his infinite worth a little bit more. But sometimes people that aren't in the right mind set are a little harder to reach. Needless to say it wasn't the best church tour. But hey he loved the picture of John baptizing Jesus as well; and just kept on talking about how beautiful it was for a good 20 min. Hopefully if he ever is sober he will remember that and will come back to it. But I love yall so much and thank you for everything yall do for me. Congratulations on getting everything moved Grandma and Grandpa! have an awesome week

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