Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 14, 2010

First off i am sorry Hermana Nelson that my e'mails are not longer but it is simply because I am the slowest typer in the world. And i am so glad that Alena got her patriarchal blessing because it inspired me to read mine and make some goals here for my mission and it is such a help and comfort to know that through God all things are possible if we but have faith, do our best and ask for his assistance. But yall's trip to Logan sounded fun, i am kinda envying the whole coldness though because where we live there is no air conditioning so we have been coming home to an 87 degree house at night and it is just terrrible. And no i didn't mean i had two ties left, I just meant that i am two less than what i used to be sorry. But i don't care the color as long as it is not red or black because almost all my ties fit in those categories. But ya if you could send me some short sleeve shirts that would be heavenly. Walking around all day in long sleeve is not so much fun.
Anyways for this week. This week we had a little bit more success than last week, and i know for a fact that it can still keep improving if we keep working hard and just have faith. The one big trial of the week is just with lucy and her family. Seeing how her husband Omar is most likely going to be heading back to Mexico this week, she has to completely support her family now. Which is extremely hard for her because of the lack of education. So she is working in the fields and selling Mary Kay for her living and for her three kids, and so her time is limited. So basically she was not able to go to church this week becasue she had to work, and so that was not good. And on top of that her husband told her that he doesn't really want her to get baptized until he gets back and then they can get baptized, but he would not be able to get back to the US for probably another 2 years at the earliest. And so we kinda talked to her about that and she said that she was still going to prepare to get baptized for the 26th regardless, so hopefully it will all work out. But now for the miracle of the week. So every two or three weeks or so we go and drop off these pass along cards with our numbers on them down at these latino markets in hope that someone might call. So my trainer has been doing this whole mission and noone has ever called, in fact he has only heard one miracle story where someone did call back, and they actually got baptized. And so basically it is a miracle if someone calls. So on Sunday morning we get a call and Elder Jacobson answers and says Hello this is Elder Jacobson. And then the lady on the other end is like espanol por favor. And anyways to make a long story short they wanted to know what the address to the church was, and so we gave it to them. So they come to church , and tell us that they use to go to church but since they had moved here they could not find where to go so they stopped going. And then one day they found one of those cards at the carnerita or something and they decided to give us a call. And so we had five people show up to church that are not members and we have an appointment with them this tuesday. So awesome! and such a miracle!
I am sorry i am such a slow typer but that is all i got time for this week. But i love yall so much and am so proud to be a Nelson. And i think that spiritual thought with the Nelson cheer and Amandas e'mail were all inspired cause they are something i needed and strengthened my faith. I am always prayin for yall and in know yall are too. Keep doing what is right and having faith. Missionaries aren't the only ones that have miracles. bye!

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