Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 28, 2010

Hola Familia! Well as you may know it is transfers this week. So my companion should be arriving back in Layton Utah sometime today. crazy! His full name is Elder Benjamin Jacobson. It was way wierd when he left but I found out who my next companion is going to be, and i will meet him tomorrow. His name is Elder Acosta. Apparently the Lord realized that i needed to learn spanish really bad so he sent me with a native. So i am excited for that. But i am not going to lie i was depressed for like a couple of minutes because i am going to be leaving East Wenatchee as well, and there are so many people that we are so so close with and are progressing so well. BUT LUCY WAS BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY AND TO BE APART OF THAT WAS SO AMAZING! to see her so happy, and to feel the light in her and see it in her eyes was just so amazing! AND THE CONFIRMATION WAS SO POWERFUL! she was crying and i was like, now this is what the mission is all about! I love it. But i am excited for the other missionaries coming to my area here; Elder Collier and Elder Lively, they are the Zone Leaders and they are going to do work here, I know it. And i know also that the Lord is going to bless us in Chelan, which is where I am going now. I don't think i ever understood what Amanda meant by it being hard to leave an area, but now i realize what she meant. It is hard to leave the people that you have come to love. But on the other hand, I am glad to meet some new faces as far as missionaries go. I don't know why i get so irate about little things that some missionaries do, but i do. I mean they say that they don't understand why they are not having as much sucess as some and its because the little things are so important, and it is the little things that they are not doing. so i want yall always to remember the words of Alma, by small and simple things are great things come to pass. The greatest coaches will always take there teams back down to the fundamentals if they ever see they are struggling. Here is another analogy that i just thought of. In football a wise man once told me to hit them hard and hit them low. I was always a small guy and this was my only way of being able to knock down the bigger opponents. Without comparing myself to the works of satan haha satan tackles us in the same way. In the pre-existence we chose to follow the plan of our Heavenly Father, and with this came both the ability to chose and to receive mortal bodies. This is very important because with these gifts from God we were made stronger than satan can ever become or hope to become. Which is why the scriptures teach us that there is not temptation of affliction that we can not overcome through Christ. Christ is our Coach, and he has taught us all the fundamentals and the plays to defeat the foe that we have once already defeated. We have the advantage, we are a bigger and stronger team and if we execute what we have been taught by the coach we cannot lose. However the opposing team also has an advantage, they have the film from the last game and know what we like to run; they know are weaknesses and strengths; they also have all been perfectly instructed on hitting low. They have learned that when they hit low that the greater part of the man will fall with it. The Film that they own is simply the pre-existence in which we all knew each-other and were truly spirt brothers and sisters. It is here they learned our weaknesses. We as the bigger and stronger team do not have this memory, we have only been instructed by the greatest coach of all time, and can decide whether to do the things he teaches or to do it our own way, as many athletes do. He has taught us the fundamentals of Faith, Repentance, Baptism, and Enduring to the End. He has taught how to excercise these principles, by going to church (practice), Reading the Book of Mormon (Learning the plays and the situations of the game) and Praying (realzing that you can't do it on your own: humility) As we do these things are foundation is strong and we don't have to worry about getting knocked over. However if we do not our foundation is weak and endanger of us getting hit low and being knocked over. This is exactly why satan has coached to hit hard and low. Because if you knock on leg off of a three leged table it will fall. Satan attacks these small areas because he too knows that it is by small and simple things that great things come to pass. And so if he can break down your fundamentals eventually he will win the game as well.
That analogy hopefully made sense because i was just typing as i thought. But i kinda have to go now. But I love yall so much. It was the front two teeth that go knocked out. and my address will not be the same so if you wanna write me wait a while for the right address. Love yall bye!
**You can still write Elder Nelson at the address on this blog. It is the mission office and they will get his letters to him.

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