Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 15, 2010


So my letter for this week. This past week has been a pretty difficult week. Pretty much all of the investigators that we hoped to be progressing dropped us. Ironically, they all had something in common: their family had come down this week and would be staying for another week or so. Also, the one person we had a date for baptism was evicted from her house and we don’t know the address to where she is staying. As the saying goes, you need to teach to find and find to teach. The problem is that all the lessons we have taught have been one lesson and then no answer on the door on the next visit. So we have been trying to find those people whom the Lord has been preparing, but they have been eluding us for now. It is all good, cause I know they are there. I just need to work harder on trying do listen to the Spirit. I know for a fact that the Lord sent me here to Chelan for a reason…that is His work, and that if it is not progressing it is something that I am doing so please keep praying for me so I can know what to do. Sorry I couldn’t write this all in an email, but I only have 30 minutes on the library computers and by the time I get done reading everyone’s emails, I have only three minutes left to write. I Love y’alls emails. That video of Nate was hilarious! I always love Alena’s emails they make me so proud, and of course yours mom’s are what I look forward to, Dad’s just keep me so motivated and ready to work, and I love Angela’s and Alisa’s too. I love y’all so much!! Keep praying. I can feel them and I know they are helping.

Elder Nelson

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