Friday, December 17, 2010

Dec. 13, 2010

Well this week has been awesomeness! 3 people came to church! Milagros! I was so excited, heck I am still excited. But of course I will be leaving, down to Spokane to be district leader down there. So I am really excited for that as well. Holy cow I have just learned so much this transfer. And I know this is what God wanted me to learn, and that I wouldn't of been able to learn it in a different area with different members or a different companion. I have learned so much from this transfer, such as: there is so much joy in the gospel, and there is no need to be frustrated; That procrastination is one of the biggest tools of Satan, if we procrastinate extending the baptismal invitation, we are thereby procrastinating the days of their repentance, and thereby breaking a commandment pretty much. That really hit me hard these past couple days, and it is something I will be applying for the rest of my mission. Now does this mean that success comes from having people say yes and pulling through with it, yes and no. Baptism I think would be a success for that specific person and somewhat for me as well. But real Success for me simply comes from, remembering my purpose and remembering why it is my purpose, and then going out and doing it. Knowing this brings joy. The field is white already to harvest. God will make sure there are people prepared in every city, and it is my purpose to find those people, and help them and invite them to prepare even more, until they make the commitment to be baptized. Oh and yes mom I got all the packages I think. But if you want to go ahead and send the package just send it to the mission office and they can send it to me. Because i won't actually know what my address is till next p day. Holy cow I am just so excited for what is in store for this mission and for the people I am going to come in contact with. But I love yall so much and no I have no idea about anything that is happening on Christmas. But I will definitely open one of those presents tomorrow.

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