Friday, December 17, 2010

Dec. 6, 2010

It turns out that once again we did not have anyone technically at church. I say technically because I guess two of them came and because they could not find us in the building they left. So that was pretty lame. But I will definitely acknowledge the miracle of a nonmember just showing up for church, even though we did not know her. And so we will hopefully be teaching her this week. And so that of course was awesome and just another one of those moments where you know God is watching over you and is helping you in his work. I guess we were to dumb to find her on our own and so God just placed her right in front of our face or something. But it was awesome cause our branch did a really good job on fellowshipping her and everything. So we will be teaching and inviting her to be baptized sometime this week. We also are teaching this awesome girl named Andrea Pruneda now. She is like 17 and has some really good mormon friends, only problem is that she lives with her grandma who is anti. And she goes to church with her. But she is reading the Book of Mormon and writing down questions she has, and researching stuff online( might not be the best way) but at least it means she is interested and taking it seriously. And so she will be baptized as well. Mom you want to send me your conversion story. I think I know it pretty well, but it would still be cool to read it. I love yall so much. We get our transfer calls here this coming Sunday, so I really am praying that I will be able to help this area a lot more. And so I guess we will see what happens. But I love yall so much and have a good week.

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