Friday, December 31, 2010

Dec. 27, 2010

So before I forget i do want to ask you if there is anyway that you could possibly send out a giant vocabulary list of spanish words, because that would be awesome. But i don't have much to say that i didn't want to say on the phone, other than Nelson's in the front, let me hear you grunt; Nelson's in the back, show me where its at; Nelson's all around let me hear that sound, Nelsons hu Nelson's hu Nelson's hu hu hu! But for P - day it has been different in every area I have served in. Here the Elders our die hard frisbee golfers, seriously die hard. In my last area I mostly just balled people in basketball, because that is kinda just what I do, pretty much. I also tried to do a back flip for the first time since the mtc, but I almost killed myself, I might just wait till after the mission to try again...but probably not. But that is pretty much it for right now. We didn't end up going caroling so that was good, haha. what a shame. But we did have an awesome dinner and so that was good, although we did have cereal for Christmas eve...lame haha but it was good cereal. Alright I will write you more next week, and possibly get that one letter in the mail. LOve yall tons, have a good week.

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