Monday, January 24, 2011

Jan. 18, 2011

We received this letter in the mail from Ty. He did not have time to email last week.

Dear Family,
OK so this week was pretty good. I was given the opportunity to give a training this week and felt impressed to give it on loving everybody and finding the joy of the gospel. It was awesome to see the miracles that happened and are happening in this district. As for Elder Schulthios and I, we pretty much don't have anybody on date to be baptized anymore, but it is all good because we are going to teach that awesome family who came to church tonight. I am way excited and we are most definitely going to invite them to come unto Christ and definitely see some major miracles this week. I can't believe that Skylar is now in the MTC. This transfer has just flown like crazy. Each one gets faster and I don't like that. I am way excited and he is going to get here so fast. I think I can feel the gift of tongues working on me. I am still not that good, but I'm not terrible either. It makes you feel better when a mexican can understand a Cuban about as good as you can. It is pretty cool to get to experience all the different accents in Spokane. Everywhere else there is just mexican spanish but here we have Cubanos, y El Salvadorians, Guatemalans, Uraguayans, Peruvians and about ten other countries; although I still have not met anyone from Paraguay, the Dominican Republic and Spain. Pero I probably will some day. I also went on an exchange with the ZLs once this week and we totally found some new black investigators for them I totally see why being a pastor of a black church would be so fun. You just got to say Praise the Lord! and you got them nodding their heads saying uh huh and everything else. Yeah, this week was pretty good and this next one is going to be even better. I love yall so much!! Have an awesome week!
Elder Nelson

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