Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feb. 22, 2011

Flip! i think i wished the wrong nephew happy birthday last week. my bad. but ya so this week was just way to awesome for awesome. Let me just tell you about this guy named Alex. So it was after a dinner that we had with a member that we decided to go knock on one of the neighboring doors in the complex, becasue we knew they were hispanic, although they had never answered before. Well Alex answers this time, and lets us right in. Holy Casa cochina(nasty house)! It was a disaster; granted amazingly it is not the worst that i have seen. Only because this house didn't have the dead mice on the floor. But still absolutely filthy. And so we teach him a little bit about faith in Jesus Christ, and ask him if there is any service that we can do for him. And of course he says no. And so I am like Alex, we can do anything, we love doing service, what can we do for you? And he said nothing; and so I said, are you sure? But he said no again. And so my attempts of making a polite attempt to help him clean his house failed. And so my companion, just not holding anything back, says, alex your house is a disaster, and we are going to come tomorrow at 1:00 and help clean it up. Massiso mi companero. And so he was like ok you are right, i need some help. So the next day we go over, and for 2 and a half hours clean his living room and part of the kitchen. The whole time he is asking us stuff about our religion. Like good questions, como... Are you content with your religion and why? How can i find happiness that will last and not just be momentarily there, and do you think i have what it takes to be a member of your church? And so we answer all of him. and realize that he is really sincere and not just using us to clean his house, wich was good. But then we tell him that we have to be heading off here in about 20 minutes. And he is like, but lets talk first, and he sits down. And so then we have another 20 min lesson with him, about faith and baptism. Invite him to be baptized, and he accepts, with a couple more questions, about baptism and if he will be ready. We then taught him twice more this week and came to church on Sunday. So awesome! Granted he has a lot of things he needs to come over, doesn't have the best friends, and is living with his girlfriend, even though they dont love each other. She does not speak spanish either. But he is reading everyday, and is learning how to pray, and is keeping all of his commitments. He knows he needs this gospel, and even though he has problems, and fears of changing; he is doing what it takes right now. Holy cow i am so excited for him. God is a God of miracles, and I know that he has been prepared to accept this gospel. I know that more miracles are just right around the corner for him, and that his life will take a complete change for the better; namely the miracle of true conversion. I love this gospel so much, and I know without a doubt that this is the true church of Jesus Christ here on this earth, and what an unbelievable opportunity i have now to serve as His representitve. I love yall so much. Isabel has also been reading, although she wasn't able to make it to church; and I am still excited for her. I love this work so much, and I thank yall so much for yalls prayers. I love yall. have an awesome week.

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