Sunday, February 6, 2011

Letter from Elder Nelson received Feb. 5, 2011

This week has been pretty good. We have been working really hard on how to get this work here moving and finding more people and everything. So, it is probably a blessing that I'm here without knowing the area at all because now we are forced to talk to everyone and ask for referrals from everyone and the Lord is continuing to bless us as we do. We had a pretty cool experience with one of the people we're teaching whose on date for baptism this week. His name is Margarito Vasques Torres and well, he did not have a job and he's been looking, I guess, for quite a while. We were in the lesson with a member and she told us he needed a blessing. So we gave him one. The Lord promised him that he would find a job before the end of that week...and boom! Another witness of the power of the priesthood! Granted he was not able to come to church because of it, so we will have to talk about that next time we meet with him. Then I had another funny experience this week with, I guess, some type of pastor of some "It's all good and gravy...everybody come on in...Jesus is on our side" church. Super long hair...smokes and taytoos and all...preaching the word, quoting scriptures and saying Jesus like 10 billion times. Then we had one of those huddle prayers where everybody holds hands and takes turns, I guess, because he gave the funniest like 10 minute long prayer ever (reference-see prayers of the Zoramites) and then he started shaking my hand and nodding at me and encouraging me to go; so I said my little bit and ended the prayer chain by saying amen. My comp was a little agitated that he didn't get his turn...haha, but it was way funny. I think I am going to have to do that with our investigators to get them to pray. haha. This week was really good and I love yall so much.
Elder Nelson

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