Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sept. 13, 2010

But now for the week. I will start off with a funny story first cause I don't think I have given one in a while. It was about 8:50 something at night and we were walking back to our car along this path with a little iron fence right next to it. And then all of a sudden this kid runs up to us and starts beating us with one of those inflated baseball bats and just yelling Mormons over and over again. And so I do the reasonable thing and move to the other side and so that way he can't reach me. But Elder Oliver is just trying to kinda like bat the bat down and ignore it. But a swing to the face I guess broke the camel's back and the next thing I know he is asking Elder Pound to hold his bag and lifts his 220 pound self over the fence. And I am just like thinking what in the world is going on here. As I watch him chase this kid across this little park. And this kid is just yelling like bloody mary and running as fast as he can. And finally Elder Oliver stops gives this insane sounding laugh and walks back to us (the kid is still running though). And I am just hoping that nobody saw this, but wow it was just so random that I could do nothing but laugh.
But now for an inspirational story. We were on comp exchanges and I was with Elder Weidman and we were just tracting down here in Warden. And not many people were answering, and not having that much success, and Elder Weidman just kinda stops and says that he doesn't understand why we tract like this because we are missionaries and should be able to have the Holy Ghost guide us where to go. And how if we go door to door we are more salesman than missionaries. And I was like you are so right, because I remember getting mad about that same thing in my last area. And so I stopped and I asked him to give a prayer about where we should go. And we decided to just finish this street and then to go somewhere else. And a little bit later a girl steps out of this van and we start talking to her and she tells us how she is just like us and how she goes door to door as a salesman. And was I like holy cow that is just God pretty much slapping us in the face. So we stopped and got in the car and just started driving hoping that God would guide us. And I saw a girl walking and I just felt like we should pull over and talk to her. Which is most definitely weird I know but we got out and started talking to her. And she just told us about all these tough things that she was going through and how she didn't think it was by chance that we stopped and talked to her. Miracle fo sho! Hopefully we will be able to see her again this week because she doesn't have a house so she is just living in random spots everyday.
And final story before I have to go. We taught Octaviano and Catalina this week and we just felt like we needed to teach them about temples and eternal families. And this family has been taught for a long long time almost what we call eternal investigators, and had never came to church or accepted the baptismal invitation. And so we taught them about families and the temple. And it was like a light went on and she was like what do I need to do to go here and have this. And to make an awesome long story short. She is on date to be baptized and he would be too but he was sick and in bed during the lesson, But all of them and their grandkids came to church! So if you could pray for them as well as Javier, and Leonardo Davila that would be so awesome! I love yall so much and thank yall so much for yall's prayers.

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