Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sept. 6. 2010

Hola! Pues esta semana fue bien. Y that is awesome about byu! Not that it matters but we ate dinner at a members house that night and they told us they were down 14-13at half. And I was like NOOO!!! That is awesome. But I will tell you something even more awesome. We are teaching a 17 yr. old named Javier Tapia. And he is on date to be baptized on Sep. 25th! Both Leonardo and Guadalupe are off date but we are still teaching them so that is good. But back to Javier. So we have taught him a couple times and is just a stud. He had been taught by missionaries antes pero that was awhile ago I guess. He remembered everything that they taught him almost. I was pretty impressed. But after we got done teaching him for either the 2nd or 3rd time we invited him to both come to church and to be baptized and he said yes to both. And so we then went over to one of his best friend's house named Sam who is a member. And we told him that he had to make sure that he came to church and just follow up with him and stuff; and he agreed. And then boom! He came to church. And I was like awesome! And mis companeros both went to the English ward and I and a priesthood holder both went to the spanish branch. And Elder Oliver usually translates for the speakers, because we have some english people in there to give it a little bit of a bigger feel, and we always have at least one english person give a talk as well. But of course Elder Oliver is in the English ward this week and so I am waiting for his backup translator to show up, but she pulls a no show on us and so now I get to do the translating. And because it is fast and testimony meeting and we have a small branch everybody pretty much gets up and shares their testimonies. So I have to translate for like 15 different people now. I was sweating bullets, but I said a quick prayer and I actually got through it alright. For the times where I didn't know what people were saying, I kinda just acted like I did and added a little of my own testimony in haha but it went better than I thought it would. And towards the end of the meeting, I stood up and bore my testimony about how I knew the book of mormon was true. And the meeting was coming to close and almost everybody had given their testimonies and the spirit was really strong. Which is good because some times at those meetings you never know what you are going to get. But it was way good, and the spirit was there, and then all of a sudden Javier stands up and walks up and starts giving his testimony! He was like I know I am not a member of yalls church but I am going to be baptized on the 25th! YESSIR! and then he started bearing testimony about how he knew that God was real and about the experience he had when he prayed and asked. And about the feelings he had when the missionaries came over and he came to church. And how it was a totally different feeling than all the other churches he had gone too. And I was like YESSIR! and I was so happy and excited for him and I just wanted to give him a hug. But I got to go now. I will write if I have more time later today. But I love yall so much. I will pray for you mom. And if yall could keep Javier Leonardo and Guadalupe in your prayers that would be awesome! Alena do good in school, go to the temple, and you don't suck at tennis. And if you do, esta bien porque i suck too. (I was on homecoming though) Just keep having fun. LOVE YALL

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  1. YESSIR Elder Nelson! You go! And I am really glad your teeth are okay. I worried about them almost as much as your mom did! Glad you can still dig into that corn on the cob!