Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sept. 20, 2010

Yes mom I got the packages but no there was no journal. Alena is a joke she didn't even write me! Tell sister Almquist that the president is mazizo and I like him a lot. He really cares about you as an individual, and he does interviews with you every other transfer. But thanks mom for the spiritual journal I liked it a lot and that was awesome to hear about Payden bearing his testimony. If you see him again let him know that one thing I have realized on my mission is that I don't have enough knowledge to convince people to believe and change their lives, or even to turn down the anti-mormon stuff they throw out at me; but every single time with every single person, they cannot deny the fact that I know and cannot dispute the contents of a true testimony. It is so awesome for me to witness the power of God going through me as I bear testimony to people, and it is awesome to see that more often than not that all their objections are withheld and they can't seem to say anything else after you have born it. But anyways news for this week, it is transfers and I will be staying here in Warden with Elder Pound and we will be having another Elder come down named Elder Gillespie. We will be co-senior companions. Elder Oliver is moving to Othello as a district leader oh and I believe Elder Schvaneveldt is a district leader now in East Wenatchee. So that is pretty cool. But back to the week. We had another cool thing happen with Javier this week. We were teaching him and he is just way excited for baptism and so he decided that he wanted to be baptized this last Saturday. But on Friday he was like actually I probably shouldn't rush it, so he will be baptized this Saturday by his best friend. And so he came to church yesterday and he found out that sam his friend was coming out to teach with us that night so he asked us if he could come out and teach as well. Mazizo! And so I went with Elder Pound and they went with Elder Oliver. And we taught some people and when we came back and asked how everything went with them they told us how it went. And it turns out that Javier just called the shots on this one kid who stopped going to church about a year and a half ago and just bore his testimony to him and told him how he was being baptized this week and stuff. Is that not so awesome! Catalina and Octaviano didn't come to church today,but we have an appointment with them tonight and so hopefully we'll find out why. But they are still an awesome family and need yall's prayers. As well as Javier with his baptism coming up this week. Please pray for my Spanish as well, I am sure yall are already doing that but if not if yall could start that would be awesome. I don't think I realized I had been out 6 months already, but I think i am supposed to be pretty much fluent and I am terrible still. But I have faith, and just need to work harder and I know it will come, but extra prayers never hurt anybody. But I love yall so much and I think that is all I have for this week, cause we did a ton of service and didn't really teach as much as we normally do. But thanks so much for your prayers. LOve you bye!

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