Monday, August 23, 2010

August 16, 2010

*sorry we just got this got lost in the mail for a second, but made its way to us

**Just got this today. It is not his email. I have not gotten one of those today. It is the letter he promised us from last week. It was unfortunately delivered to the wrong house and they just got their mail today and brought it over.
Here it is:

I am trying to thinkg what to write about the good old Warden (the city where he is at). I guess the 75% Hispanic is pretty accurate. Did it also say on the web page that on different sides of it, it has a potato factory, a cow stockyard, a pig farm, and something else? Haha! It stinks really bad if it ever gets above 85 degrees, but it makes you wanna work even harder to get into the door. Holy Cow I saw Kylee's pics and she has changed soooooooo much! She kinda looks like Angela; which is too bad. haha! Just kidding sis. Seriously, it is all good, she is cuter by far. Anyways back to Warden. It is way small, but as far as the English Ward goes the LDS population is pretty big. Spanish not so much, though. So we definately need some prayers there. We already have met a lot of new Spanish people here that are looking pretty good. One named Guadalupe is going really well, and is on date to be baptized on Sept. 18th. The only problem with him is that his wife wants nothing to do with the church and so he does not want to get baptized until his wife softens her heart and is willing to come to the baptism. So pray that his wife will softer her heart. There is alos a really awesome guy named Carlos who is really golden. We taught him and his girlfriend Perla. Perla lost all her faith in God and stuff a while back. So we talked to them about the loe of God and prayer. She started opening up and she told us how when her partents got divorced when she was 8 and so slowly by slowly she just started losing all her faith. Then we started taling more about prayer and everyday miracles. Then Carlos jumped in and pretty much bore his testimony on bomb! And my companion asked her to name all the miracles she had seen in just the past two months. She just started listing them off and afterwards he was just like "wow, I've just never thought of anything like this before." It was awesome. The only problem there is both soccer and work on Sundays. So if y'all could pray for them that would be awesome. There are more awesome people as well as crazy people (one guy tried to tell us that the popes were before Christ, had written the Bible and that they even started the Mormon Church. But it is definitely a good area.

Love y'all so much!!


Elder Nelson

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