Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ty's Letter

So this week went pretty good. We have a guy named Dustin Elis on date to be baptized for August 15th and I am excited for him. He is actually the husband of the bishop's daughter. Me and Elder Hash just tracted into them and taught him, and had no idea that he had been taught in the past. So that was fun and he is really going to need some prayers. We also found a really nice family. We taught both the husband and the wife, once on separate occasions. He believes in God, but not that he answers direct questions and he doesn't believe in organized families. The wife, Guadalupe, is a really strong Catholic that reads the scriptures a lot, but what she wants most is her family to come together and believe in Christ. So we are just praying that we can get an appointment with their whole family at once. I loved pop's analogy about the work being compared to the ball game. I mean God's team is going to win no matter what. Granted I am not a player that wants tosit on the bench. If He allows, I want to get a couple of interceptions for the team and help get the win. I think sometimes, it is hard to realize that the scout team is often what makes the starters as good as they are, and a good player has to accept His rule, but yet always strives to do his best and become the starter. Maybe that is the concept of life. Working as hard as you can to:
A. Make the starters better
B. Make yourself better in order to become the starter if the coach allows and then work hard to remain the starter and to keep confidence in the coach.

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