Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 30, 2010

This week was way good. We were able to teach a lot and find a lot of new people. But I can't remember last week at all so we are going to have to stay with only half of the letter. And oh my goodness that is crazy about Skylar. holy cow! That is a good motivation for me to start learning my spanish even more. I can't have him speaking better spanish than me now haha. That would be legit if I got to train him! Alena awesome job on your math test! Keep it up and work hard in school. And that is hilarious about Nate and the potty training as well as Mike and Kevin losing all that weight. I have actually lost seven pounds and just started gaining it back. That is only because I have no muscle and am just getting rechancho (chubby). Anyways this week was way good. We found a kid named Chris who is way golden except for the fact that he is leaving to college here pretty soon, and so he won't get baptized here but hopefully we can get him to start coming for church the next couple weeks before he leaves. We also found a girl named Syndi who is like fifteen but is way interested and so there is definately some potential there. Pero no se que es no correcto in mi mente porque mi habilidad para to differentiate between ages has gotten terrible. I could have sworn she was like 20 when we started teaching her. Then I asked my other companions and Elder Oliver was like ya I thought she was like 23 and Elder Pound was thinking she was 18 or so. So apparently it gets worse the longer you've been out. Pero Alena don't you dare talk to a guy that is above your grade, in fact just don't talk to any guys. We also taught a girl named Victoria who is also going off to college, but it is a local college so she'll still be living here. It was an awesome lesson though. We taught her the gospel (Lesson 3)( By the way I think that ya'll should start studying PMG like for FHE or something) and so we mentioned how the first step is to have faith, that leads to repentance, that leads next to baptism and as soon as we mentioned baptism she pretty much just freaked out and said that she was not interested in being baptized and that she had her own beliefs and stuff. So then we asked her what baptism was; and she told us how it is when someone wants to show their willingness to unite with a ceartain church. And so we explained to her why that was not necessarily correct, and kinda explained what it was to her. And then I just bore my testimony to her about how we weren't changing her beliefs at all, and how in fact that she already believed everything we believed it was just up to her to remember. And how I received my answer to my prayer about the Book of Mormon 2 weeks later after I had prayed and how the Spirit bore testimony to me that it was true and brought back to my remembrance of the time when I had gotten on my knees and asked. And the spirit was just so strong, and I just felt prompted to ask her is she would follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God. And she just kinda looked at the ground for a while just thinking. And then she responded that she would think about it. We then extended a date to which she said no to. But the fact that she had gone from a definate no, to saying that she would think about it after taking some consideration; is truly a manifestation of the power of the Spirit. So please pray for her as well. I believe that she has a lot of potential and as she follows those feelings of the Spirit she will know that this is true. Also thank you so much for the prayers for Guadalupe and his wife. We went over to teach him this week, and he told us to wait outside while he got his Book of Mormon, pues su el libro de mormon. And while we were waiting for him to return, his wife opened the door and told us to come inside cause it was cold outside. May not sound big but it is. Last week according to Elder Oliver was the first time she had said hi to us. And this week was that and hopefully next week she might just sit down in the discussions. But that is all I have time for today. Keep praying. I love yall so much. I pray for yall every day, as well as Chach, Payden and Steve O. Now I will pray for Skylar, too. I love yalll so much and have a good week. Alena do good in school.

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  1. dang good letter! he is starting to get the idea of writing home ha!