Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 9, 2010

Hey Familia! ya sorry yall might not of gotten the letter because I just got it back in the mail on Thursday. Apparently i forgot the stamp. haha. sorry. But you should be getting it either today or tomorrow. But wow there has been some miracles and challenges this week. We were doing awesome in the beginning of the week. We found a lot of good people and were able to teach a lot of lessons. But then the challenges hit on thursday, as absolutley nothing happened. We didn't find anybody or teach anybody. But we kept our heads up and we knew that Friday was going to be awesome! We had four lessons set up with our four most solid investigators. Dustin, Missy, Jazmin, Jesus. All have been progressing so much and doing so good. So we went over to Jesus house to teach him at 4:30 and we find out from a neighbor that he had gone down to Wenatchee to drink! he has a terrible drinking problem, and always is telling us how he just wants to be clean. And that he just wished that he could go to sleep at night with no bad things going through his head. And he is pretty sincere about it because everytime we have had gone over there he is ready to go. So i was pretty mad when i heard the news. But i kept my head up and said, just gotta go to the next lesson. Well a 5:30 we go to teach Jazmin and it turns out she had an emergency call to california. And so I was like well this is lame. And so 6:30 rolls around and we get a call from Missy who tells us how her sister just came in town and so she is not goiong to be able to do it a afterall. I was getting irate by then. But I knew we had Dustin at 8 so i kept my head up. But to no avail we got a call around 7 from his wife( who i don't know if it told you, but she is a member and really cool) and she tells us that they kinda got in a little fight and so he left to go fix his motorcycle or something and so we went 0 for 4 and it was pretty depressing. But that night i just prayed really hard, and the next morning I studied Moroni 7: 27-33 i believe and it just really hit home to me. And then the next couple of days miracles started happening again. We were able to meet wi th Jazmin on Sunday. And she related to us how she was really depressed and having a rough day, and how she had gone into the juerta and had read the one section of the pamphlet we had given her about how to know these things are true. And she prayed about it ! and she just told us about the immense peace she felt. And to make a long story short she is on date to be baptized Aug . 28th! But transfer calls came and so I am moving to Warden with Elder Oliver! so i will do work over there! Love yall.

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