Monday, November 8, 2010

Nov. 1, 2010

I am irate at Nicks comment! I don't even know what the word monotonous means. But ok I am done saying that word. It is out of my vocabulary. Also Mom i am in some dire need of some winter stuff aka gloves and thermals. But as for my week, it was pretty good. Although I must admit I got rightfully/spiritually IRATE i mean disappointed at one of our investigators otra vez this week. So His name is Pablo and we found him about 3-4 weeks ago and he was way receptive and we put him on date on the first lesson. And he wrote it down and he put it where he could see it and was just so awesome. So we called him that Saturday night and were just reminding him of church and well to make a long story short he had talked to his Pastor. He then told us how he owed his pastor alot and how there is no point in switching over and all this stuff. And so we asked him if we could stop by and see him and he said we could. So we tried probably like 4 or 5 times but never found him home. But this week we found him and he invited us in and started listing off these scriptures that apparently his Pastor had given him in case we came back. And he was just way confused because the pastor had told them that this is what those scriptures meant, and well we cleared everything up and told him what everything really meant. And we told him that ultimately the only way he would be able to find out if what we said was true; was to read the Book of Mormon and ask God if it was true. And even though he was still confused he said that he would read it and ask. Mission accomplished right? Apparently NOT! When we went to check up on him and see if had read this is what happened: We knocked on his door...he asked who it was... le dijimos, los misioneros... he responded that he was to which we said that we werent here to teach him but just told him that we had a question for him and it would only take a second... Once again he told us he was to busy, in which we chose to tell him otra vez that we only wanted to ask a question. He then opened the door with book of mormon in hand and said that he was no longer interested in our religion and that he did not want the book anymore. And of course we said, "You havent read have you?" And it went back and forth, us telling him that he needed to read it and him telling us that he wasn't interested. And I can't even explain how like dramatically intense this was. Like my companion and I just wanted him so bad to read it, like the spirit was like actually way strong. But in the end he was like the book of Mormon cannot be true it says so in apocalipse (Revelations) and he put down the book of mormon on his steps and shut the door. And so he had most definately talked to his Pastor again. But as weird and crazy and dramatic as this was. It was just a testimony builder to me, as i recalled a scripture that tells how there is going to be false teachers and prophets and that many will fall to their prenicious ways for reason of which the truth shall be spoken evil of. And so in all honesty like the reason why we were the way we were was because we loved this guy we really did, and we wanted him to know the truth. And afterwards I still loved him and I actually wasn't mad at him at all, I was mad at his pastor, for he truly fulfilled the prophecy written in the book of Timothy. And when I left his house I left with a burning desire in my chest to just go out and start bearing my testimony to the world that the book of mormon is true. And so we went to one of our investigator alex house and taught him about the book of mormon. And it was just solid. we were able to listen to his concerns, address them and bear testimony to the book of mormon. He then committed himself to read it, when before it always had been that he would try. And the whole night was just solid after that cause I knew the spirit was with us. I love the Book of Mormon with all my heart. I know that it is true, that it is the most correct book here upon this earth. I will stand in front of those that are poor and those that are rich, the servant and the King, The Pastors and those that are in the fold, The learned and the unlearned, and I will bear witness to everyone that I come in contact with that this book is true. That we have a prophet here on this Earth that leads and guides this church by being a mouthpiece to God. Let me be a mouthpiece as well to all those who do not know the truthfullness of the book of mormon. And they will know without a doubt that i know that it is true. I love this work and I thank yall so much for your prayers. And I will pray for all those who are in need of it now. Have a good week.

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