Monday, November 8, 2010

Oct. 11 *FINALLY*

*sorry I've been a slacker at updating Ty's blog. Here ya go everyone:

Crazy story! I just read that scripture in Romans like 3 days ago and I thought the same thing you did mom. I like that one a lot. This week here in warden was really good! We taught a lot of people and I had an opportunity to rebuke the ward in sacrament meeting and it was awesome and then Bishop got up there and rebuked the ward after me; double awesome. My talk was based on John 17:15-19 or something like that. It is where Christ asks Peter if he loves him 3 times and then every time after Peter says he does Christ says Feed my sheep. Awesome scripture. I can't remember really anything i said in my talk, because I never write my talks out but i basically just told them to look into my eyes as I told them that I loved them, and that I could say that because I knew that Jesus loves them and that I loved Jesus. And then of course I asked them if they loved Christ; and repeated the scripture of how Chirst told peter to demonstrate his love; Feed my sheep. Ahh! I just love bearing my testimony to people so much! Member, non-member, non Christian, everyone! I have been praying every day in order for me and my companions to have opportunites to share our testimonios y it is just so awesome to me when they share their testimonies, and then one of us will just come in with a second witness. And we really have had so many opportunites to do so these past couple weeks. We also taught a new family this week, and I really think they have a lot of potential and will most definately be baptized one of these days. The parents names are Arnoldo y Maria. We have actually Arnoldo a couple times, but the lessons are always ten times better if you can teach the parents together, and that was the first time the wife was there, and she is so awesome. And then also this week we found a new ganster investigator, he actually reminds me a lot of my roommate Shae, but man he comes up with the wierdest ways to 'liken the scriptures unto himself'. It is way funny. But he is a really good guy and has the desire to change. He told us that he loves listening to the word of God because he remembered this one time when he was smoking his weed in the park and this little Jehova's witness boy came up to him and asked to share him a scripture, and he was like man i can't say no to a little kid, and so he decided to listen to it. And afterwards even though he didn't feel to different; he saw how happy the little kid was for coming up with the courage to share this scripture with him. And so from there on out he will just listen to people. And so he let us in to listen, and like i said when we read the scriptures he likes to compare and liken the scriptures to him. So he really likes reading the book of mormon, but now we got to work on the applying part. Please keep praying for Octaviano y Catalina tambien porque ellos no vinieron a la iglesia ayer, and right now is the time they need to make sure they are being consistent and so the devil doesn't have to much room to work with them. As well as the other investigators here. I love yall so much. And I don't know what I want for Christmas yet ma, because it is not even halloween. Oh and I thank angela for sending me Tylers and Kylees drawings, for I muchly enjoyed them. Oh and you better watch out ma cause it looks like Alisa is getting better on her arts and crafts. Thanks for yall's prayer otra vez.

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