Monday, November 8, 2010

Oct. 18, 2010

This past week was good. Octaviano y Catalina failed us by not coming to church this week and we taught them about the sabbath day the night before! I was so Irate! cause they are on date to be baptized this next coming week. Ahh! In fact our only investigator that came to church was a 8 or 9 year old boy, of a part member family. Which is good because he is on date to be baptized with the rest of his family later on down the road. But other than that we had a couple awesome things happen to us this week. Including an awesome rejection by this lady. We knocked on our door and tell her we are the missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of latter days and she just starts busting up laughing and says that she is sorry. And so Elder Gillespie is like what are you sorry for? And she starts laughing even harder and starts shaking her head and shuts the door. It was kinda way funny, because it just reminded me of something Alena would do or something. But then we also had an awesome surprise where we went to this one potential named Velma's house. And we actually skipped over her house a little earlier cause we noticed the cars of both her husband and son there, who have already told us that they are not interested and to come not by when they are not there. But then our appointment fell through and so we just decided to go back and try her. And so we talked to her a little bit outside and it is pretty darn cold outside and so we ask to come in and she starts telling us how she can't let us in because the dogs will most likely attack us and they can't take the chance. And so we talk to her a little longer outside and our fixing to leave and then her hater husband comes to the door and tells us to come inside. And we are thinking that this has to be a trap or something. Like guaranteed anti or they are going to sick the dogs on us or something. And the next thing we know they are asking us to sit down and the son comes over and is like what can I get yall to drink? Here take this seat, and we are just all way confused. And so we just start teaching them and are just waiting for some anti stuff at every turn. But nothing came and they were just agreeing with everything and acting like they just really wanted us to be happy and comfortable and stuff. And the lesson went really well, and they just seemed like an awesome family. And I don't think they were acting because the whole countenance of both the dad and the son had completely changed from last time. And so I guess God just really blessed them and humbled their hearts. And so that was awesome. And then also we had an awesome miracle this week with the wife of Guadalupe. She actually tore her acl last week and so she is bed ridden for now and so when we went over to teach guadalupe this week he was not there but she was. And this is the guy who would have been baptized but he won't until his wife agrees and everything. But she refuses to sit down to the lessons and everything but this time he is not there and she is just sitting on the couch and can't move so we decided that this is the opportunity we have been waiting for. So we ask if we can come in and she is like ya; and so we ask her how she is feeling and she is in quite of bit of pain. So we end up bringing up the power of the priesthood and the ability to heal the sick and afflicted. And to make a long story short she agreed to receive a blessing. So Elder Gillespie annointed her with oil and I administered the blessing. And pretty much just commanded her that by her faith that she would at that very moment be able to get up and walk and that the pain would leave. And then she stood up and she could walk like it was nothing. Swelling gone and completely back to normal. Actually i didn't really say that and that is not what happened although I was just waiting for the inspiration to come and so I could say it. But apparently that is not what the Lord wanted, but as I waited for the things to say the words of God came to my mouth and I gave his will to her and not the blessing that I would have given her if this was my work. But I knew the words I said were not my own and by the power of the Holy Ghost the blessing was delivered and even though she was not miracously healed; I knew that I had the ability to do so if God had commanded me. And so the Spirit was so strong and maybe even more importantly than her leg being healed right then, was hopefully the healing of her own heart and humility and a bigger possibility of listening next time we come over. Thank yall so much for yall's prayers and letters. I love yall so much and angela have fun at the house. And momma pops and grandpa have fun with the fish! If yall could also pray for the ability for us to get more investigators to church that would be awesome. Love yall so much

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