Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nov. 22, 2010

This past week has been pretty good. We had some really good miracles happen. One of our investigators Guadalupe is supposed to be getting baptized this week and so I am praying that this will go through. But he did not come to church this sunday, and so we went over there later last night to see what had happened. And his wifes sister told us that he was on the phone because I guess his dad is way sick and possibly dying down in Mexico and that he has been talking with all these people in Mexico the entire day. So I guess that is why he missed church. So I hope everything goes alright with that and that he will still be ready to be baptized this week. Because in all reality this would help him out more than anything else. But I have a feeling that I am going to have to whip out some loving boldness and let him and the Lord do the rest. But hopefully he is already turning to the Lord right now and so we wont have to remind him of that. But also I had one of the coolest experiences in my mission happen to me this week as well. We went over to teach this couple named Fransico y Maria. And they invited us right in and everything, and we had planned to watch a movie with them about Joseph Smith. But then he pointed to his eye and how he had gotten all these chemicals in it and everything at work. And so it was all swollen and red and just looked pretty nasty. And so he was just like asking us to come back another day cause it was kinda hurting him and he couldn't see or anything. And so we just decided that we needed to ask him if he would like a blessing before we left. And he said he would like that and asked us if it was better than medicine. And so we gave him a short lesson on the priesthood and about healing and how the most important part was his own faith. He told us how he had faith to move mountains and that he was ready. And so my comp annointed him with oil and I sealed it and pronounced the blessing. And I was pretty nervous cause this is my first blessing in spanish, but I remembered one of the teachers at the mtc told us how he once had to confirm somebody when he didn't know spanish and how the words just flowed from his mouth. And even after his mission he said that his spanish was not as good as it was that one day. And so I said a quick little prayer and I told God I had faith and I knew that God was with me. And so I stood up and I waited for the words to come. And come they did. About 2 sentences long was all that I could think to say. But even though it was not a long blessing there was just so much power behind it. My words did not come with eliquency or in a long drawn out blessing. They came with power and with a simple promise that he would be healed. Such a testimony to me that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not in word but in power. I then closed the blessing. He thanked us and we pretty much turned to leave, when his sister stopped us and was like I too would like a blessing, can you please give me one. Honored and touched by her sincerity we told her that of course we would give her one. My comp said the blessing for her. It was definitaley spirit filled. She thanked us and told us how good she felt. She then went up to her other sister and told her how she felt and that she too should ask for a blessing. She did and she sat herself in the chair. I was then allowed another opportunity to give a blessing. This time the spanish did actually flow. I doubt it was perfect but it was God wanted me to say nonetheless, and I wasn't even thinking in english when I said it. Extremely touched and humbled by this experience we thanked them for their faith and their time, shook there hands and left. Fransisco's eye was no longer puffed up, only red. The Priesthood power is definitely real, and he really must have had a lot of faith. We then offered a prayer of gratitude to God for this awesome experience. And i was reminded of the story in the Book of Mormon when Christ came down, and how all the people gathered around and asked him to bless them. And he was able to bless everyone. I told my companion this, and he said what makes it even cooler is that these are the descendants of those people. I was like wow that is so true. What an honor it is that I get to serve among these people. The very descendants of those who Christ blessed nearly 2000 years ago. I love yall so much, and thank you so much for your prayers for me and for the people here. Have a good week. And Alena you better put your so you think you can dance on and get an A in your class! After the graduation of Elder Nelson, Nelson's don't get B's anymore or anything lower. You better step up your game girl! Be prepared, be prepared, oh always be prepared...I got horns that open pickle jars, I got horns that hold my keys, I got horns that have something that let me watch tv!! I was prepaaaaared! Ya I have no idea why that song just popped in my head. Ok love yall have a good week!

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